Saturday, November 5, 2022

Finally... The Earth is Neither Spherical nor Flat

by Tim Che

...and yet it is both Spherical AND Flat. For you see...

Consciousness is rising.

As you rise with it, the world reflects the change.

At one level of consciousness, the world is FLAT.

At another level of consciousness, the world is a SPHERE spinning through the vacuum of empty space.

At the next level of consciousness, the world is ????????? 

If I knew the answer to this and told you, it would have very little meaning and you would not be able
to understand it if you were not in the consciousness of the answer. If you were in the consciousness of the answer, it would be obvious what the world is and you would not have the question in the first place.

The current state of consciousness that modern man finds himself in, sees the world as external to, and separate from, himself. It sees the world and everything in it as having existence on its own, independent of Man. Such a consciousness observes the world with a logical, rational mind... "I'll believe it when I see it", and sees only what appears to be causes external to himself. In other words, I see the world outside from the viewpoint of what I define as "myself", and conclude that something outside of that same self "caused" it to exist. Such a state of consciousness would develop its reasoning capacities and see ever-increasing complexity in its ideas and concepts about the world. Mathematics and physics has pushed its ideas to the limits, yet still cannot answer the simple question of "First Cause" "read: DNA, A Reflection of Human Concsiousness)

The current rise of the FLAT EARTH phenomena is a response from the control systems of authority to the awakening and rising of  consciousness. Which begins to realize that  "All is not as we have been taught".  Consciousness is rising and people are questioning these foundational ideas of reality, religion, science and human nature.

Causing a Disturbance in THE FORCE

The problem is that as you rise in consciousness, you may realize that the "spinning ball" model of Earth has a lot of fundamental flaws... and instead of looking deeper into the question of our reality, you are led to an alternative idea of lower consciousness... that the Earth is FLAT. Any amount of time spent on that idea reveals even more flaws. The questioner is left to his/her own devices.

You must find out for yourself. No one else can do it for you.

We have had a lot of people tell us that it is not important what shape the Earth is and that such inquiry does not affect their lives. Quite the opposite is true. The Earth and YOU are ONE.

What the Earth is YOU are. 
What YOU are, the Earth IS.

Nothing could be more important. The debate between FLAT or SPHERE is centered around what the Earth is NOT. The Mental attention and Inquiry must be directed to what the earth actually IS. It is not a concept. It is not an Illusion.

It is a popular notion that reality is just an illusion and that nothing is real. We have heard many people talk with authority about this. Well, since they have not defined either terms, (reality and illusion) we have no argument with them. However, if they did DEFINE REALITY, they would never make such a statement or have such a concept.

The way you define reality, Reveals your level of consciousness.

In the following video, she explains it pretty well.

Its nice to hear someone else articulate this. However, we feel you must look past the "I am broken and need to be fixed" concept that runs in the background of her message. While there may be some truth to it, we "broke" for a divine purpose... the Prodigal Journey (read blog post) and we are not trying to repair ourselves and go back to the wholeness that we came from. We are trying to create ourselves and join the brotherhood of awakened humanity in a state of consciousness beyond our wildest dreams.

Here are a few note of relevant highlights from her talk:

The "Looker", or the "observer" is simply seeing the world through the consciousness from which he/she dwells.

Time, space distance are pain management techniques to cope with this brokeness and separation 
from wholeness.

Science proceeds from the supposition that things exist in-and-of themselves... and that empties you of your power.

Heisenberg principal...  the quality of the viewer impacts that which is viewed.

True Knowledge is a result of growing in morality... Knowledge is the direct result of our moral level. 

People think that if they are bright enough and/or complicated enough that they can understand things very well, but in truth, they just create illusions that are very intricate.

We are in the illusion that we individually stop at our skin, and everything outside the skin is "other than" us.

There is no inner or outer... only space

So-called outer space and the objects, planets, etc, are the physical representation of our physical, mental and emotional states

Earth is the physical expression of trustworthiness

 We have disassociated ourselves from so much of ourselves that it appears as though we are looking at other bodies.... planets, suns, stars people. We have created an illusion of others

Most people think they are under the influence the stars and planets... when its quite the opposite

When we think, we set the stasrs in motion

The wheels of the mind are the same thing as the wheels of motion seen in the heavens, Ezeikiel;s wheels within wheels within wheels

We have created the stars and heavenly bodies,  but because we have become disassociated from ourselves, we worship them and think that they are influencing us, when it is actually the other way around.

Emotions... that which you are setting in motion.

You must gain moral mastery of yourself. Those running Babylon don't want you to know this. The earth is the heart of the creation itself and the earth is your body. They want you to think that your body stops at your skin.

You must gain control of your mind and your emotions.

The Babylonian scientists of today, want you to believe that planets are spheres, The world is now questioning that hypothesis, so now we have the encouraged proliferation of information that says it is flat,  so instead of evolving your ideas about what reality is... they want you to de-evolve into thinking it is flat

Quotes from the scriptures are generations of interpretations away from the truth, they are like Marvel comics

Our thoughts set the stars and planets in motion, and the higher our consciousness gets, the more that integrates

People are trying to understand the cosmos without doing the moral work of getting into  consciousness of the cosmos.

Looking into space is looking in a mirror, If you were to look into a mirror that either magnified you by 10,000 times, or minimized you 10,000 times, it is not likely that you would recognized that it is you that you were looking at

If someone can convince you of the absurd, they can convince you to commit atrocities.

You are lost in hyperspace! You dont know what your looking at

Be the influencer and not the influenced

ANY mode of thought that disempowers you, by making you dependent on a way of thinking, or dependent on objects, or dependent on understanding them is leading in the wrong direction.

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