Monday, November 11, 2013

A Mind that is Choosing is a Mind that is in Confusion...

If you knew what you wanted, you would not be choosing. Your desire would be obvious to the point
that no other options existed to 'choose' from. It is the EGO and the Intellect that like choices... "Look what "I" chose... and aren't "I" soo smart, knowledgeable, clever for making such an good choice." or "Look what "I" have identified myself with".

And is there any real choice if your decision is the result of an unconscious program that was put in your mind by "others"? 

 You think you are choosing a Chevrolet, or to vote Republican, or buy Nike... a zillion ideas have been put into our heads by the time we are 10 years old and most people have never stopped to question any of them because they are unaware that they exist. The great advertisers and propagandists of the world are very well aware of how the mind works... are YOU? 

If you are not, you have probably never made any real choice at all your entire life.

Choice implies an awareness of options but if you are not aware of your own mental programming, are you really in choice? Certainly not. But well developed Egos and Intellects feed off of all these unconscious identifications and most find it comfotable there.

I hope you do not!

Here, Krishnamurti sets us straight...

"We think we are free when we choose; but we are not, are we? Where there is choice, there is no freedom because that very choice springs from our conditioned state. We thing we have a will of our own, and we exercise that will through choice. But, if you observe, you will see that well is the outcome of innumerable desires, of many forms  of frustration, fears; and these frustrations, fears , desires are the outcome  of our conditioning, of our background; so when we choose, we are never free. Choice in itself indicates the lack of freedom. A man who is really free has no choice; he is free... not to be this or that, but to BE. As long as we have choice, we are really not free and we are not really individuals." (J. Krishnamurti)

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