Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Truman Show... A Beautiful Metaphor for Awakening

Sedona, Arizona... our stay this time is Perfect weather and Very dreamy for us. A long hike to the end of Boynton Canyon where there was a point where we felt an extreme energy change and a 20 drop in tempurature with a drastic and wonderful change in scenery from desert to forest. 4.5 hours later we returned rather tired and very satisfied. We came across the movie, The Truman Show, on Netflix and remembered it being light and entertaning so we indulged ourselves in a couple hours of Hollywood distraction.

What a great metaphor for Awakening... for Resurection! Well worth the viewing! Have you been feeling driven to push your boundaries lately? Did you notice when the creator watched Truman finally realize the truth and depart the stage... the creator tried to talk him into staying but you could see the love in his eyes.

So, what is your stage? I hope it is half as nice as the one Truman grew up with... but nice is no guarantee that you will awaken and may be more likely to keep you asleep in your comfort. Don't worry though... Awakening is Inevitable!

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