Friday, April 29, 2016

Establishing the Imaginative View...

Imagination is "behind", "above" and "beyond" thinking. We are used to using our brains for thinking and only thinking. Most people cannot stop their thinking even for a moment. Thinking is just a small part of what you are... and what you are is "All Imagination". Thinking is but the "Ten Percent" that must be given away, or "Tithed", so that you can allow the 90%, the Imagination, to perform.

You use your Imagination when you step into an "inner vision"... a mental construction of your minds choosing. This vision need not be "True" as defined by what your "outer" eyes can see. It need only be accompanied by the "Feeling" of satisfaction, as you Imagine your vision, to give it validity in your mind in order that it may be expressed in the "outer" world.

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