Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ode to our Stay in Santa Fe...

I see, I say, I saw
I hear, I said, with awe
I taste, I spoke, I knew
I feel, I speak, of You

And when there is no other
I call the all my brother
For I is not unknown
And you is me
The shown

So far we've been
Apart from then
So long we've come
It's where we're from

It seems a dream
On this fine day
I see the stream
Seems far away

For things you love
Are things from thee
The love of things
Is left to be... READ MORE

I only know
What is my mind
I look around
It's me I find

To dance the self
And hear the sound
You sing the music
I now have found

For in the I
And in the me
Is every whisper
that could possibly

The finest words
That will create
The surest way
To seal your fate

In all the doings
That have gone by
There is a being
That's worth a try

For you and I
And we and thee
Can be together
As one can see

And in the end
You find the friend
And see your joy reflected
It was your mind
Not left behind
That sees itself projected

There is one thing
That's left to do
And in this hour
I'll play with you

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