Saturday, December 7, 2013

Movie pics: Ground Hogs Day...

One of the GREAT spiritual movies of all time. I'm quite sure that most people missed that. I know that I missed it when I first saw it years ago . Full of cliche's and silly humor with an underlying revelation of refined soul searching. What is happening to me? Who am I? and who could I become? and how long can it take? Is it ego eradication or ego refinement? Perhaps a purification of the 'self' through the reflections of the endless mirrors around us. Going into each mirror completely.

Is it about waking up? Spiritually? What are Sonny and Cher trying to tell him every morning?  "I got you babe.."   Ever felt like that? "Here we go again!" as we hit the alarm?

Could it be showing us how the entire world is characters on your stage that you created. Existing only for you. Dancing with you the dance that you create. At first, of course, you don't realize that you are creating the dance. The over-grown ego fights against it, same day after same day trying to alter it but starting again the same everyday

Or is it a parody, a parallel of how we go through every possible situation in the play of life in order to attain that perfect image. You see the ego at first trying to manipulate situations satisfy it's petty desires, then out of sheer frustrated exhaustion, tries in endless ways and endless days, to kill himself trying to break the cycle.

The end of the movie, you get the sense that tens of thousands of repeated days have culminated to the perfect day that we get to witness as a result.

One of our favorites... Highly recommended! Watch it again with your new eyes open.

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