Monday, January 6, 2014

Movie Pics... DUNE

This weeks Movie Pics is Frank Herbert's DUNE and Children of DUNE series which we recently re-watched again for the first time. It is always amazing how much our viewpoints change over time and how differently things appear as time passes... or should I say more correctly, as our consciousness expands. DUNE is a fantastic drama of the unfoldment of consciousness,  in a futuristic setting. It is Shakespearean in its underlying lessons and dramas, but instead of all the world being a stage, the stage is the entire universe and the drama builds through generations to the ultimate human accomplishment.

On the surface, it seems like every story of 'The Warrior's Journey', as Joseph Campbell would put it. Lots of plots and sub-plots, war and violence, and a coming of age. But this disguise is the backdrop for something beyond that. Something that stretches our imaginations into larger ideas in Children of Dune.

Imagine a universe run by family houses where the currency of the universe is a mind-expanding substance called 'spice' that is used like a fuel by unusual beings called 'Navigators' that can fold space and time and transport huge numbers of ships and beings with them to anywhere in the universe in an instant. All commerce flows with 'spice'. And it only is found in one place in the universe... the planet Arackas (not sure of spelling). The drama takes place there for 'control' of spice and the universe and is infused with mysticism and visions.

In the first Dune, it is the son of the Duke in charge of Arackas who outgrows himself into a messiah-like being of fantastic stature. But even he has limitations that he is unaware of and in Children of Dune, his son takes this transformation to a whole nother level.

One of our favorite movies... and be aware that there are 2 Dune movies. The original was made in 1984 for the theaters. We have seen that as well but it is shorter with a lot of details left out from the 2000 release with William Hurt that runs 4 and a half hours in the Directors Cut... long but worth it. Children of Dune is also very lengthy and you will wish it was longer!

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