Thursday, May 22, 2014

What is....

"Surely, a man who is understanding life does not want beliefs. A man who loves, has no beliefs he loves. It is the man who is consumed by the intellect who has beliefs, because intellect is always seeking security, protection; it is always avoiding danger, and therefore it builds ideas, beliefs, ideals, behind which it can take shelter. What would happen if you dealt with violence directly, now? You would be a danger to society; and because the mind foresees the danger, it says "I will achieve the ideal of nonviolence ten years later which is such a fictitious, false process... ; To understand what is, is more important than to create and follow ideals because ideals are false, and what is is the real. To understand what is requires an enormous capacity, a swift and unprejudiced mind. It is because we dont want to face and understand what is that we invent the many ways of escape and give them lovely names as the ideal, the belief, God. Surely, it is only when I see the false as the false that my mind is capable of perceiving what is true. A mind that is confused in the false, can never find the truth. Therefore, I must understand what is false in my relationships,
in my ideas, in the things about me because to perceive the truth requires the understanding of the false. Without removing the causes of ignorance, there cannot be enlightenment; and to seek enlightenment when the mind is unenlightened is utterly empty, meaningless. Therefore, I must begin to see the false in my relationships with ideas, with people, with things. When the mind sees that which is false, then that which is true comes into being and then there is ecstasy, there is happiness." - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Isn't it interesting... that even the asking of the question, 'Isn't it interesting', immediately takes us out of 'what is' and deep into 'mind'? Let us choose Love instead!

This quote from Krishnamurti really hit home today... we are seeing the 'false' as it is. Writings like Kate of Gaia are brilliantly exposing the false (see previous posts), yet it seems that it is possible that she is replacing the false with other ideas. We are vigilant to see 'what is' and even more so to not create any new limiting ideas... it can happen so easily. For instance, when Kate says that we are slaves on the soul-level if we are enslaved here at the Earth-level, it sounds true... 'as above, so below' etc. But if 'I' am aware, and if 'I' am choosing mindfully then it matters not at what level 'I' am involved with a system of enslavement, particularly if the whole world is caught up in it. The existence of the system must be part of the play(school) here at this level and we will all drink a full measure of it until graduation.(all for lack of better words! LOL). It is what I CLAIM that I am that is the all-important thing. And, it can be difficult to make a claim that is not part of the conditioning of the system... be vigilant!
Again, in the meantime, CHOOSE LOVE!

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