Saturday, March 26, 2022

Would You Choose to be Free?

A question for a generation at the precipice of awakening:

Some time ago, we were In-Joying some time in the beautiful outside patio of a nice coffee shop in Orange County, CA, and were engaged in conversation with our server, a young man in his mid 20's, with a lovely personality. He was living with his parents and enjoying a very comfortable life, by any standard. I asked him,  "Would you rather be taken care of? Or would you choose to be Free?".

He thought about it for a bit and replied,   "I want both"!!!!    I assured him that the 2 were mutually exclusive, at which point he indicated that he was currently quite satisfied with his present situation. And who could blame him?
The question is really about 
"Spiritual Adulthood"
 which implies an unconditional responsibility for EVERYTHING, for
everything is a child of your consciousness
born into existence by you... the you that now plays the spiritual role of "Parent".

In that state of consciousness, you do not choose freedom... it is an inherent part of the state. It is not the freedom "From" something. That is how our culture generally discusses freedom and it is not possible to be free "From" a "Thing". Your awareness of the "Thing" makes it active in your vibration and alive in your world. And, you do not need freedom from something that you have dominion over, so there is no need to discard anything. If you had the power to create it, you have the power to re-make it into something you decide is "good" to you. This "Adulthood" is "Inclusive", not "Exclusive"

In this spiritual adulthood, there is no room for the childish toys of religions, authorities, experts, higher-powers, atoms, aliens, dimensions, fears and protections. It's only YOU and your intricate connection to all of "It".

It is the normal progression for the "child" to spiritually "grow up" and become a spiritual adult. Every life you have ever lived is the "childhood" that prepares us for the final "right of passage" where... "It did not seem strange for him to do the works of God".

So, just meditate on the question, "What is Spiritual Adulthood?" or, "How would I know if I am there?"  Then see what happens!

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