Friday, February 5, 2016

Learn to Adore Humanity...

To understand this poetic verse from the Great, William Blake, One must first have the personal realization that "Thou" refers to "Everything", literally. So it goes that, "Everything is Man". All the animals, rivers, mountains, oceans, planets, insects, storms... everything is hu-Man consciousness pushed-out, projected from Man. Man and Earth are one phenomenon. This is why everything has human DNA... because it comes out of Man. Not the way the scientists claim... that we accidentally came out of the animals. The earth and all of nature is Man's objectified, collective sub-conscious. That is why, to the mystic, everything in the "outside" world has the potential for symbolism.

So, when you see everything as Man's projected consciousness, you no longer have the need for externalized concepts of divinity, aka; God.

You will then realize that EVERYTHING you see as "out there" is actually an aspect of You.

And in the ultimate act of Self-Love, You learn to Adore Your Humanity through its projection.

It is then that you can self-lessly begin to use the power of your Imagination to redeem the entire world back to yourself. Neville lays this out in his lecture, The Seven Eyes of God link

After years of wondering what Blake really meant by this quote, I suddenly saw it from a Facebook post that had been circulating about how they liked animals better than people. I felt that the "dislike of other people" was a symbol of this fundamental mis-understanding of what is correctly experienced as "separation".

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