Monday, September 4, 2023

Knock, Knock..."Who's Actually There?"

In the experience of separation that we find ourselves, the closest any two people can ever be is during sexual union, particularly during orgasm. For a brief moment (In most cases), the ideas of self dissolve and it is possible to feel a disassociated unity. And, in most cases, our ideas of each other, and the world around us, return rather quickly. It is in the physical that we are separate. It is in the non-physical realm of eternity where we know unity. We are actually closer to our deceased, loved-ones, than we could ever be in the physical world. But for most, it seems as though they are lost, as they do not recognize their own eternal nature and do not endeavor to find that unity in the exploration of their own consciousness. We hope you do.

Even in the physical closeness of intercourse, you are still "separate". And so it is
with our ideas of each other. When you meet someone for the first time, is when you have the best chance of "seeing" who is actually there... although, they may be putting on a bit of a show, and you will have your lifetime of programming and predjudices to cloud your vision. But you at least will not have the build up of memory and experience.

It would seem logical that the longer you have been in relationship with another, the closer you would be to really knowing who is really there. But it turns out that the opposite is true. By default, we "see" things and people with our memory... all we liked and all we dis-liked. All the pleasures and the pains, etc. etc...

We tend to see people as they "were", not as they "are". A friend could have experienced God yesterday and be forever changed by that experience. Yet, we will see them with our memory, the salt of preservation, denying us the wonder of their change.

And nowhere is that more evident than in our children. Parents do not realize that they see their 18 year old, as a crying, bed-wetting, helpless, uninformed, clumsy, awkward, frightened, mistake-making child. This activity is unconscious, of course,  And, even worse, parents are not aware that their unconscious "seeing" is sending out a vibration that re-enforces, keeps alive, those traits in the child. Endless dramas are blindly played out by unwitting people who never seem to get close, or to find out who is actually there, right now, on both sides of the battlefield.

Long term relationships are typically doomed away from intimacy and closeness, especially if either one of the participants is mentally oriented to focus on the negative aspects, of character or experiences, in the relationship. It takes a deliberate effort to see who is actually there, without judgement, but great rewards are in store for those that do.

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