Saturday, December 17, 2016

Feed Your Satisfaction... Not Your Hunger

"You may feed your hunger by thinking of your desire, or feed its satisfaction by thinking from its fulfillment." (Neville)

...A critical distinction in the use of your mind towards creative ends. It is important to remember that

thoughts do not create things

Thoughts come in patterns from the channel you are tuned into unconsciously. To change to a more desirable channel, one must tune the mind to it by 'Thinking FROM the fulfillment of desire'. That means imagining the FEELING of already having what you now desire. Practice the feeling until it feels natural and normal. You may even lose the feeling of desire for it. The worst case scenario is that nothing will change but you will have the joy of feeling better while you practice. And if you practice, for as little as 17 seconds a day, you WILL see results!

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