Thursday, May 25, 2017

Using No Way as Way... Having No Limitation as Limitation

Bruce Lee is one of those extremely rare examples of a human being who reached his physical, mental and spiritual potential. Most people only have passingly heard of him as an actor/martial artist but have no idea how driven he was toward those aforementioned human attributes. PHYSICALLY he trained up to 16 hours a day, and could perform miraculous physical feats, which required intense MENTAL concentration. Spiritually, he pushed philosophy to the boudaries of understanding which is where he realized his famous quote in the title of this post. The accompanying YouTube is worthy of your viewing. It is the documentary we are discussing, Bruce Lee, A Warriors Journey. 

I recall early on in my 'awakening', that I bought my brother-in-law, who was into martial arts, the DVD documentary of his short life, with the full intention that I would borrow it to watch myself. There were many impressive moments throughout and I will highlight a few here:

  • Remember the old TV detective show Longstreet, about a blind detective in the early '70's? Well, I guess I've dated myself now! Bruce made a cameo appearance on a few episodes and give some powerful philosophical messages... "Without method, what is there to teach?" "I have found the cause of my ignorance"  "Be like water, my friend".
  • His dream was to create a TV show entirely about Eastern Philosophy and that is what birthed one of my favorite shows of all time... "Kung Fu". The producers were nervous about him, being oriental, being the lead, so they chose David Carradine. When asked in an interview about how he felt about that, his answer shows the depth of his maturity.
  • His intensive training resulted in a 6 month hospital stay flat on his back where he focused all of his intensity on studying philosophy... particularly, Jiddu Krishnamurti. There is one clip they show of Krishnamurti saying, 

"You must be a light unto yourself! In a world that is in utter darkness" 
I was so entranced by that short clip that I said to myself,   "I don't know who that guy is, but I have to find out more". So I went to the bookstore and his book...
"Freedom From The Known"
Lit up like a Christmas tree on the shelf. That book is essential reading to anyone endeavoring to Know Themselves.

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