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The Coin of Heaven...

There are 2 aspects of the conscious mind.
  • The part that is thinking, sensing, and interpreting which is dependent on a state of consciousness. 
  • And the Imagination which is has the power to change the state of consciousness. 
When thinking is engaged, the Imagination is idle. You are free to choose what aspect of the mind you engage, but only if you are aware of the difference. You can Invest your mind on lovely things, or spend your thought unwisely on negative things. 

Self-talk is self prophecy 

because the mind, through the Imagination, is a creative device that is always ON

The following transcribed lecture from 1953, we have edited for a more contemporary translation. Neville makes this VERY clear and uses the example of a black man in the '50s who overcame the self-imposed limitation of his race, with astonishing results!

Neville Goddard 1953

I want to share with you today what I consider one of the truly great revelations of all time.

On Sunday morning, April 12th, my wife woke from what was really a deep, profound sleep and as she was waking a voice distinctly spoke to her and speaking with great authority it said to her:

"You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money; everything in life must be an investment." 

So she quickly wrote it down and went straight to the dictionary to look up the two important words in the sentence, 'spending' and 'investing'. The dictionary defines 'spending' as "to waste, to squander, to layout without return." To 'invest' is to "layout for a purpose, for which a profit is expected" .

Then I began to analyze the sentence - "You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money, for everything in life must be an investment". As I dwelt upon it, I saw where everything is NOW;

That through the portals of the present all time must pass, 

and this psychological NOW, the state of mind in which I find myself now, does not recede into the past. It advances into my future.

So, what I do NOW is the all important thing

and thought is the coin of heaven;

 it is the money of heaven. And so the thought I entertain now, the thought to which I give my consent to, is either my investment, or
my waste. 

We are told in the Bible, "All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light, and all things when they are manifested are light:" The word 'light' is defined as consciousness. So the state of mind which I am now consenting to, must be made manifest. And when it is manifest, it is only that state of consciousness made visible. It is the Harvest of the state of mind that I was in at its Seed time.

So, every moment of time, people are either spending their thought, or investing.  Unfortunately most people spend the coin of heaven with wasteful thinking. Then morning, noon and night they live in negative states for which there is no return on their investment. They could easily have invested that moment, that thought, so that at the end of that day they really would have a wonderful investment portfolio.

The religious minded person, perhaps makes an investment on Sunday morning. Through the service he is lifted for a moment and, if he is not overly critical, he might be carried away with the hymn. He might be carried away with the solo, the organ music, the address from the pulpit, and for a moment he is investing; but the rest of the week he spends, he wastes the coin of heaven through poor thinking habits..

Devote every moment of time to positive thinking and constructive thinking.

 Never accept any rumor that does not contribute to the fulfillment of your desire, no matter what it is. It could be the most obvious fact in the world, but if it does not contribute to the fulfillment of your dreams, do not accept it. If you do accept it, you are spending. You must be completely indifferent and do not accept any facts that oppose your desire. You can, in your mind, hear what you wish you could have heard instead of what you heard... that is investing. It's not the hearing that matters, its the admitting the truth of it that matters.

All things when they are admitted... not all things when they are heard. If you give consent to it, if you accept it as true; then you are spending the coin of heaven.

Accepting facts as they are, is SPENDING
Accepting unseen and preferred realities, is INVESTING

I must invest - time is too precious and because these moments do not recede... they do not pass away... they are always advancing into my future to either confront me with a waste or to show me some wonderful return. If I invest it's for a purpose and, therefore, I expect a reward, I expect a profit on my investment. So a moment invested now, this very day, could tomorrow pay you great dividends.

Now I told a story here two weeks ago of Jimmie Fuller and I didn't have all the details of the story. After the meeting, dozens of you said to me that Jimmie Fuller, to have made the fortune that he made, must have had great capital. Well, I could neither affirm nor deny your bold assertion, for you spoke as though you knew and many of you almost convinced me that he had great capital and that's why he turned it into great returns. So on Friday night I asked him to tell me more of the details.

He said "When you came here four years ago, Neville, I came to hear you. My wife asked me 'Why do you come to hear Neville? Who told you of Neville? He said, I turned the radio on one night and I heard Dr. Bailes. I had never heard of the man before. At the end of his lecture, which I thoroughly enjoyed, he said Neville is coming to speak for us and it's a MUST. Well the next night, I so liked Dr. Bailes that I turned him on the next night, and for the next two weeks he kept on promoting you, and he was so generous in his praise, I thought I've got to hear this man. So when I came, I enjoyed what I heard on Sunday morning, and then you announced you were speaking the following night at this place, but it was two dollars. Well, he said, between myself and the next I actually had Fifty four dollars. I had a wife and a little boy; we couldn't leave the little child alone; he was a babe: it meant a baby sitter, but my wife and I came to everything you gave and one night we could not pay the baby sitter; we just didn't have it, but we took our last which was fifty four dollars and came to your every meeting - the two of us - and one night we didn't even have it to pay that baby sitter. Three years later, Neville, I had not proven your theory. You know my problem, as I told you before."

Perchance there is someone here who did not hear it - the man is a negro, and his problem was that because he was a negro, he believed and accepted that all the marks and stripes of the world were against him. I tried to convince him it was only in his own mind that these stripes were placed... that his acceptance of that as restriction made it restriction, but if he could only drop it by non-acceptance, by complete indifference, to the pigment of skin he could accomplish his every dream by acceptance of it now.

Stop Spending Your Thought

Well, in the last year, Jimmie Fuller by complete acceptance, investing his moment, his now, has
turned the year into a net profit of $250,000 He did not have one penny when he started; he did not raise large capital; he didn't have it. He only invested with the coin of heaven. So instead of spending his thought and accepting his perceived limitations, he began investing his thinking, knowing that it was not going to recede and vanish from sight; that was an investment and it would advance into his future.

Well it did. It so advanced that he tells me now everything he touches turns to gold. Now he has three children and they come here every Sunday to Sunday school. He doesn't want his children to start with the limitations that he accepted as a child.  Jimmie tells me many a Sunday he feels like taking off for the beach or up to the mountains with his wife, but he will not go because he wants his children to have an opportunity he didn't have. He says "My people were very religious, but they must have worshiped a very poor God, for they were steeped in poverty. So I just wouldn't go near the churches of my mother and my brothers and these people, because I couldn't conceive of such a God doing that to us; yet they never missed service."

"For when I found in this what I found here in your teachings, I brought my children to Sunday School. Now this is what happened to them. Here God is love, and love surrounds them and they know nothing but love, that God is love. For one day my little girl, which is the youngest of the three, was quite sick, a beastly cold. and that night when the little boys said their prayers. these are the words they used 'Thank you God, that sister is perfect tomorrow.' They could not look at the little girl, sick as she was, and say 'Thank you God that sister is well now', but they said 'Thank you, God, that sister is perfect tomorrow'. Neville, it was a miracle. The next day that child was perfect; there wasn't the sign of a cold - a complete absence of all that we saw the night before, and these two little brothers simply gave thanks."

Teach Children that THEY are the Source from which things come

"Now, my son wanted a watch. I wouldn't give him the watch. I could have bought a thousand watches for him. I want my little son to learn a law which I didn't know until recently. So he filled his mind with the possession of a watch, and he spoke of the watch as a 'live' watch - one that ticks, one that is alive, not a toy watch. So then he fills his mind with the possession of the watch. On his way to school he found a 'live' watch. Now he knows the working of law."

The complete acceptance of the state in consciousness must result in an externalization of the state accepted.

So if he accepts the watch he need not turn to his earthly father, as the medium through which the watch will come.

He continues, "I don't want to think for one second he has to point to his mother or his father as the only channels through which his good will come. I want him to recognize an Infinite Source - which gave to him as he gave to me everything that I will accept. I want my children to learn it as I have learned. Yes, I could shower him with gifts, but then he would look to me as the only channel through which it will come. That I must not accept. So you should see the little boys and little girls actually live by this law. God to them is love and the only reality and love surrounds them. So they never miss the Sunday School here."

Then he goes on to tell me all other wonderful things that have happened by the mere acceptance of this law. He said. "The getting of my car, this convertible Cadillac - I treated it loosely, I sat quietly in my living room and drove my Cadillac, and I simply treated for this loosely," he said, "I didn't put real effort into it, I accepted it and then when I decided to get it I simply put in three telephone calls and that day I was driving this car, Neville. Now everything happens just like that."

***Today, instead of going to my office and working in the office I work behind the scenes. I sit all day and I hear the report that is good from my employees; my entire office staff must tell me good news, the only thing I will allow myself to hear. I ride my car; I'm in the office; I am at home; I'm in the office but I am only hearing good news, and seldom do I go to the office physically to do office work, so I am behind the scenes only hearing good news. So I have completely forgotten the so-called pigment of skin and, Neville, honestly I can tell you today I feel that I am blessed beyond all men because I was born a negro. I am so proud to be born a negro; I am so proud I'm one."***

And here is a story that will interest all of you. He said "I had some property to dispose of, I had certain things in investments for those who had money, and so I advertised it and a man called me on the wire. He saw the ad, and asked me if I was the gentlemen, so I told him I was the one who had the property. The first thing he said to me, "I don't want any nigger property." Jimmie said, "I didn't answer, as if I hadn't even heard the word. If he wants to be prejudiced, he may be prejudiced, that's his right. He wants to be silly about it, that's his right. He can spend; he need not invest. 

So I said, "It is perfectly all right, sir, I have all kinds of property, I have all kinds of things for your investment." A week later he called me up and said, "Would you come and see me?" He said, "I went to see him. When I got out of my car his knees almost buckled, for he didn't know a negro was coming to see him, and a negro walked up his stairs into his living room." He said within a matter of minutes he purchased $37,000 worth of mine that I had to offer. He said the first $25,000 that he bought he simply bought that to buy back his face, and then the remaining $12,000 he bought that because it was a very good investment. Well, since that time this gentleman has spent tens of thousands of dollars with me and constantly calls me to thank me because they are such wonderful investments."

Now here is a man who is proud of his skin. He has no prejudices because that's spending thought and he can't afford to spend. So in harmony with the revelation given to my wife, let us all now stop spending our thoughts, our time and our money.

For everything in our life must be an investment. 

We know the truth. We radiate the truth. You are told that everything proceeds out of your own consciousness, but what you and you alone accept as true is what will be externalized and expressed in your environment. All the conditions that you will encounter will simply bear witness of the state you have accepted, to the thought that you invested, or spent wastefully. Well, if you don't like what you are encountering, then stop spending and learn the art of investment for every moment of time is an opportunity to invest. But we have free-will. You and I are free to waste every coin in the world. For that we have a right, we are free beings, we can spend, we need not invest, but if you know you can invest, why not choose the wiser way.

Choose the Wiser Way... Invest Your Thought

So it is up to me to either bless myself or curse myself.

I can choose life or I can choose death. I can choose the good, but I am free and I can choose the evil. It's entirely up to me. But if you and I love this, accept it and believe it, then we are wise indeed if, knowing the whole is before us, we go out determined to become investors, not spenders, not wasting and squandering our substance, but laying it out for a purpose.

Every moment, become conscious of the moment. What are you doing and thinking? Are you accepting now the fact that you are a noble, dignified, wonderful being?  Do not hear, or accept as true, anything other than that which contributes to that noble concept which you hold of yourself. For you will see that you are secure, but maybe a headline would startle the world... DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

If you don't admit to it, it can't proceed out of you.

 For all things when they are admitted are made manifest, but not unless they are admitted, when they are accepted by you.

So use this moment as your moment to invest. Affirm in yourself what your reason denies, what your senses deny, and proceed in that assumption, knowing that even though it doesn't confirm itself tonight or tomorrow, you can still live in that assumption in your mind. Tune your mind to that channel of nobility and listen for and hear only for the good news. I know these are investments and tomorrow these dividend checks must come. They must come. That's the law of our being.

So take it to heart, you don't need money or capital to create. I say to the hundreds of you who said to me in private, "He must have had money", I tell you I know the story now. I didn't know it when you boldly claimed that he must have had money, but now I have it from the source. He only had $54 and the $54 he spent coming to my meetings, even when he couldn't spend a dollar on baby sitter. He didn't have it then, but he has it today. But you don't need even $54!

All you need is time and you already have it, 
it's now.

 All you need is the coin of heaven which is thought, that's money. So instead of spending that now, and spending the thought in the now, invest it now. For your now is this very moment.  What I am doing now is not going to slip away. It's going to move forward and embody itself as a condition or embody itself as the circumstance of my life. All of my reactions to what I am hearing and saying and seeing, are in the now.  All of my reactions and my acceptances are spelling out my tomorrows.

So I will invest in the doorway of the now - because it is said, "I am the door".  I am is always first person present tense. Not, I was the door, or I, will be the door... "I am the door" . What I do in the present, in the now, is not going to recede, it is going to advance into my future for through the door of the present, of the now, all time must pass. Do not spend it as it passes. As time is passing through the door of the now, invest it. Every moment of your life see that it is a positive, constructive, noble moment. I promise you a wonderful, healthy, radiant future if you will invest the now.

When a man learns the art of thinking FROM the end, that man is master of his fate, 

for he defines his end, he formulates an aim in life, and then feels himself right into the situation of that end. So he thinks from it instead of thinking of it. The average man defines his dreams but he remains back here looking at them before he's thinking of them.

The wise man occupies the state of his dreams

So he radiates from it, he thinks from it. Here is an illustration of this principal. I'm standing here looking out at the auditorium, and I would describe this theater based from this angle, for I am seeing it from the stage. You, sitting in the auditorium, or sitting in the balcony, you are looking at it from that state, so you would see the screen and the speaker.  So the difference between us is that we see the same theater from different angles. I would define it from here; you would define it from there. If I desired to get your point of view, while standing here I would assume that I am seated where you are and therefore within my imagination look from that position. I would then have to see the stage, not the auditorium; I would see the thing behind me, this screen, and I would describe the theater from that position which I am assuming that I am. Now, if that position represents, say one of security and this one of insecurity I would then assume by physically standing here assume that I am now secure. And to prove that I am, I would then look from the state of security, so I would...

describe the world relative to my assumption.

If I am still seeing what I saw when I was insecure, I have not succeeded in occupying that desirable end; I am still only thinking of it. So the wide difference between thinking from and thinking of must be clearly seen and then see the wisdom in learning the art of thinking from a desired end. Look out at your world... formulate your lovely aims in life and just ask yourself, "What would it be like were it true that I now embody that state? How would I feel?" And in response to that question would come a feeling, a feeling that corresponds to that end.

Learn then to think from that end, though reason denies it,

though everything denies it, you occupy that end. It's now, you're investing it and these will become real within your world.

Another thought that I tried to make clear and it's this which again Jimmie Fuller told me was one of the clues in his success. When the action of the inner man corresponds to the action the outer man must take in order to appease his desire, he will definitely realize his desire. There are two of us; there is an inner man and an outer man. The outer man is always made to say, "I of myself can do nothing; the Father within me, this inner one, He doeth the work. What I see him do, that, I, the outer do also."

So there is an inner you. If I now sat here and immobilized my body by relaxing it and then imagine what the outer would have to do in order to appease his desire, and with the outer relaxed, just let me imagine that I am actually it now, so I keep the body immobilized but I imagine that I am actually experiencing it now. I would experience in my imagination that which I would have to experience in the flesh to appease desire, and then imagine that state over and over and over, so that the actions of the inner man correspond to the actions the outer must take in order to realize desire. When that is done - I promise you it's going to be done in the flesh; no power in the world could stop it when these two actions coincide, but let it always be from the inner you.

Knowing that any time that we exercise our imagination lovingly on behalf of another, we are actually and literally mediating God to man. So sit quietly in the darkness and simply listen as though you heard the good report that you want to hear. Look into the darkness and imagine you are seeing what we want to see. This is how you invest in this moment.  And we are actually fulfilling the command of that wonderful voice that spoke to my wife when it said to her, "You must stop spending your time, your thought, and your money. For everything in life must be an investment." Let this moment be your greatest investment.

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