Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Wile E. Coyote of Consciousness... Ahriman

By Tim Che'
All things are TRUE.
 Because TRUTH is not dependent upon anything outside the perceiver of TRUTH. Hence, a true judgment need not conform to the external facts to which it relates.

And all things are in BALANCE

Our Mental image of the psychic embodiment of perfection and Grace is an idea personified in the word "Christ".

It's opposite, would be named, Satan, or Lucifer, or, in this discussion Ahriman.

Ahriman is the name that the Mystic, Anthroposophist, Rudolf Steiner, gives to his psychic impression of evil. I recently came across this information through the Dark Journalist YouTube channel, "X-Series" (Click link), which we highly recommend.

Steiner's Sculpture of Ahriman

Now, I do not pretense as any kind of authority on Anthroposophy, and Steiner makes a distinction between Ahriman and Lucifer. But Fear is Fear, and fear looks like evil, in whatever form we assemble it into from our conditioned mind.

This personification of Steiner's fear, Ahriman, has allegedly created a trap for the innocent, and the deceived, called the 8th Sphere. It is alleged that this trap is set to keep us indefinitely recycling in a world that seems very much like this one so that we do not spiritually advance to the higher dimensional realities.

Now, Steiner's subconscious personifications are universal and not unique. And although it sounds, and looks scary, it has no power over the spiritually awake.

Hence our comparison of Ahriman to "Wile E. Coyote" in the classic "Road Runner" cartoons.

The spiritually awake would be the Road Runner. For the UN-initiated to the cartoon... The Road Runner is always breezing through the cartoon world with ease while the Coyote is endlessly scheming of complicated ways to catch him. The Road Runner is completely unconcerned with Coyote's antics and NEVER seems to get caught up in the traps.

The scheming of this Coyote is like the worst aspects of the intellect. Complicated, intricate, devious and bold, this Coyote/Ahriman nemesis has planned everything to perfection... or so he thinks! But he has been fooled by his own self-proclaimed genius. And you have to admit, there is a resemblance between Ahriman and Coyote.

 Another comparison is what Neville calls the 5th eye of God. (click to read the lecture) This is the eye of mind that sees with the intellect, and when developed to its fullest is very useful and very dangerous. It has learned itself to manipulate the "outer" world of material and people, to get what it wants.

It schemes to create very elaborate traps to snare people in, and is quite please with itself. It is, in a way, its own trap, for if this intellect is not balanced with love, it will enlarge the EGO to the point that it takes on attributes that will personify as ugly, scary, self-serving, monstrous, diabolical... dare we say evil? Its well developed brain power is used exclusively for creating more traps to get what it wants ... but it gotten so good at it and has so indulged in its results, that it has forgotten what it wants and can no longer remember the purpose of his journey, nor his true identity. Ever met anyone like that? And like it or not, this is the story, the journey, of every MAN.

Then there is Roadrunner.

No matter what Hocus Pocus the Coyote has planned, Roadrunner is unimpressed. Coyote continues to manipulate the cartoon world to catch him, but Roadrunner breezes along always with a smile. Roadrunner is not trying to change or manipulate the cartoon world. He just effortlessly moves through it with no agenda.

You are Roadrunner.

 But you may have forgotten.

If you are reading this, perhaps you are nearing the end of the journey. 

And perhaps, we are already in the Steiner's 8th Sphere.

But there is a Roadrunner in the depths of your soul that will come out through the fullness of time.  

Nothing can stop it.

This topic also brings to mind an interview that parallels this subject and demonstrates the power that is awakening. George Kavassalis recounts his experience confronting a being that could easily be described as Ahriman/Coyote on the moon. His story is a very moving description of Love in the face of its opposite: I think this is the interview.

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