Friday, October 28, 2022

The Evolution of YOU...

 At time 26:30, Bill outlines the evolution of you;

  1. Starting with the Adam (atom)
  2. Then the removal of the rib (the splitting of the atom)
  3. Then Eve is introduced (the introduction of thought)
  4. Then came the Serpent (the introduction of contradictory thought)
  5. Conflict is then developed through Cain and Able
  6. We left the Garden of Eden  moving into the Left-brain/ego/intellect
  7. Then we activate Abram, the power with us to overcome the left
  8. We have to get rid of Lot, the part of us that wants to live in Sodom
  9. We overcome Lot, but the Ego makes a last ditch effort to make a deal; Offers you all the riches of Sodom to give yourself over to it.
  10. You reject the offer and are filled with Spirit and are know as AbraHAm.
  11. You are now seated at the right hand of God (right side of the brain) where Melchizadeck appears to bring the bread and wine (spiritual truth and understanding)
 Tithing is how you do this. Tithing is "Putting away the 10%". The 10% is the left-brain. Meditation is the invitation to this Tithing.
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