Monday, April 3, 2023

The Desolation of Abomination...

 The epitome of Desolation is at the hand of an Abandoned Imagination and displayed in the hiddious and vulgar expression of the "Left-brained", logical, linear, reasoning mind that can use these faculties to justify all of its Abominations. Intelligence is its tool, and Artificial Intelligence is its dystopian, tyrannical expression of its absolute. AI is the abandonment of the Imagination and the abandonment of your very spirit... the spirit of God. BEWARE the bareness of a busy life. In this video, we heard this phrase, "The Desolation of Abomination", for the first time. It really made us stop in our tracks.


Here is another great and entertaining presentation by Bill Donahue (Click) on this subject. Now, realize that Abomination is also a symptom of the Desolation of the Imagination... an abandoned and neglected "right-brain", so it is that you can read it either way: "The Desolation of Abomination" or "The Abomination of Desolation". Either way makes a powerful statement. Think about it!

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