Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Food for Thought?

What are YOU feeding your mind?
 Let us talk about mental nutrition.
'You are what you eat' with the body.
'You become what you consume' with the mind. 
It's pretty obvious that this is true for the body. But isn't it interesting that have not applied this rule to the mind? The mind wants to be fed compulsively 'More'. 

More information, more drama, more excitement, more violence, more knowledge, more sex, the absolute latest breaking news… as if it would make a difference in the world if we heard about it 2 hours later. This blind and ravenous consumption of media has made our minds heavy, dull and obese... fattening up on the idea that what is going on 'out there' is more important than what is right in front of you 'right now'.

The highly processed and cleverly crafted messages we consume are clogging up the digestive system of the mind, making it nearly impossible to extract what little nutrition is hidden there.  

A high-fat diet of: traumatic television, nasty newsprint and pathological periodicals contributes to the 'heart' disease of the mind, keeping us internally in conflict and judgment, thus leading to an emotional cardiac arrest and a heartless world.

 Mental nutrition high with the cholesterol of conflict, conspiracy and creative consumerism, hardens up the arteries of freethinking. Mind-foods full of behavioral preservatives subversively sell us everything from chocolate-chip cookies, to national propaganda, to what a human being is supposed to look like and behave like, thus cementing un-asked-for belief systems to an unaware consumer. These are just a few of the external hazards of this kind of mental nutrition. 

Another major source of mental junk-food is the regurgitated conversations going on in your mind. Conversations centered around worry, lack, anger, fear, effect the future you will experience and your entire physical being. The ground swell of proof for the mind-body connection is still slow to sink in through the excess layers of mental fat we have comfortably grown accustomed to. And, unfortunately, most of us will just wait until we get a medical diagnosis that might compel us to change. 

I hope you do not wait.

A diet for change?

Most food diets require you to observe and write down every last detail of what is put in ones mouth and people are usually shocked, if they are honest, by how much is on the list. If you want to lean-out your mind, you will no doubt be equally shocked if you honestly observe all the input from media and all the dramas of your own internal thoughts. This can be challenging to do. We recommend a total media fast. STOP WATCHING TV... AKA the IQ reduction box. Stop reading, stop listening to the radio, even music. If you can't go 'cold turkey', at least reduce your consumption by 50%. It is absolutely critical that you begin to be a witness to your own mind and stop the external distractions. You will no doubt feel bored at first. But  ask yourself, "what is boredom?" and "how is it possible to ever be bored, what is the mechanism?" And remember that you always have the constant yammering of thought to amuse you and keep you company.

You will be surprised at how much calmer you will be and how much better your body will feel!

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