Sunday, October 5, 2014

Awe and Wonder...

If you have forgotten what it is like to have the Awe and Wonder that you felt when you were a child, then you must experience the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, in New Mexico. As it happened... we were visiting our good friends in Santa Fe when they mentioned this festival was starting the next weekend and we couldn't wait to jump into it!

This is the largest Hot Air Balloon gathering in the world and the most photographed event on the planet... with over 500 registered balloonists all take off in a carefully orchestrated launch event called "The Mass Ascension" that starts in the dark wee hours of the morning and lasts for several hours. This event  is 10 days long and the Mass ascension will bring an estimated 80,000 people to watch.

We arrived on Friday with the event starting on Saturday in our "Merka-Bus" with car in tow and joined a rally of over 6,000 RV'ers all within walking distance of the Launch Field. No hook-ups. Everyone "dry-camping" and there to enjoy the excitement and friendliness that only such an event can evoke. It truly brings out the best in people!

It brings back the feelings of being at the very first Space Shuttle lift-off where a million people gathered to witness the very best of Man's technological achievement. And here we were, in the dark, with 80,000 people walking around among 500 balloons that were slowly coming to life. It is a Slow-Motion event and these balloons are HUGE! You can walk in between them and right up to the gondola's (baskets the passengers stand in) and be overwhelmed with AWE & Wonder. Our faces hurt from smiling! When they are leared for take-off by the "Referee", they slowely rise and drift UP, UP and AWAY! It is SURREAL... And we trust that you will InJoy these pictures:

More Pictures...

The only Fire Hydrant in the world that is Not afraid of  the 'Big Dog'

This was the unavailing of the new "Yoda" balloon!

This one is called "Cosmo". You can't imagine what it is to see this in person... HUGE!

This Princess is even bigger!

And a Friendly Passer-By...

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