Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Consciousness, Health, and Restoring Faith...

We received this email today from Bob Stevens. The truth in his words are worthy of your attention here. You can review more of his work by clicking on the Mastery Systems link in the right column. We have reviewed much of his work over the years. He has studied one of our favorite teachers Neville Goddard and has masterfully incorporated his teaching into his works. We have never attended any of Bob's workshops, although would have liked to.
"I AM called to share the wisdom I have gleaned about Herbal and Natural Healing. To do so requires me to stay with my Truth, our Body/Mind/Spirit is all one and must be supported as ONE. Here is a short version of my awakening…
I noticed something early on in the 70’s, which has taken me years to fully understand.
Any outside remedy only works IF the individual is in agreement with their health, wealth, and success. For years I marveled and struggled with the 1000’s of examples where 50% of my clients would transform quickly with the health upgrades, 50% would not.
Since this was not anywhere close to an acceptable success ratio, I kept looking deeper. What I found is Consciousness is the root Cause of every situation in Health, Wealth, Relationships, and All Life Situations....

At first I jumped fully into the Consciousness Upgrade Approach, by developing and sharing Conscious Language™, Imagination Activation™, Outcome Facilitation™, and Sacred Body Language Translation™. Again, 50% of the time it worked, 50% it did not.
I went back to the drawing board again. In the space of 10 years and thousands of clients and students, I found an immutable truth. The mind is senior over the body until the body becomes senior over the mind.
In other words, limiting thoughts, words, and feelings begin to lower the individual’s frequency until the stored embodied patterns begin to run the show.
I realized herbs, raw food, and supplements only fully worked when the Consciousness of the individual was agreeing with the life force in the nutrients.
Conversely, new choices, affirmations, and Decrees worked effectively only when the life force of the body was in agreement with or in high enough frequency with the new choices. 
I found the statement “When a man is low in faith, feed him herbs” was an essential truth in the Four Integrated Forces of Health and now is an essential tool for my Life Upgrade Coaches.
I realized, “Herbs do not heal, they restore Faith. Walking in Faith is what heals!” No wonder I was only getting 50% success with each individual system. We are a Spiritual Being. Plants are Spiritual Beings. Plants are here helping us remember our True Nature.
Consciousness is the Bottom Line.
Next I found our body signals, symptoms, and various states play an immense (screaming for attention) role in revealing what is hidden in our feeling world. In Sacred Body Language Translations I reveal how body and life symptoms play a key role in The  Four Integrated Forces of Health.
Every symptom is a call to change something in our lives.
Every movement, feeling, expression, dig, itch, scratch, is Spirit showing what is to be reversed into our awaiting strength. “YOUR GREATEST WEAKNESS SHALL BE YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH” is the Law I will show you how to stand in. “Let the weak man say ‘I AM STRONG’ is the Law of reversal (re-saying) I will show you to apply for profound success.
Building specific reversals operates the Law, “Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you,” and “The Word becomes Flesh.”
Starting on November 6th I'll be sharing my brand new course integrating all the necessary components in one system to help you make upgrades fast, fun and easy.
This new course is called “How The Four Integrated Forces of Health: Language, Herbs, Nutrition, and Body Language Can Remedy Every Situation” Level 1. 
Here is some of what I'll be covering in my new comprehensive 3 week virtual course:
  • How Herbs and Nutrition do not heal, rather they are our Partners in restoring Faith and Life Force.
  • How to use Plant’s Personalities to restore specific forms of Life Force and how to do your part through your Consciousness, Imagination, Decrees, Body Language awareness, and New Actions.
  • How to have ease and Grace guiding your Children’s Healthy Consciousness and Development.
  • How to Create your own short and effective list of favorite Herbs, Homeopathics, Foods, and Essential Oils.
  • How to use your Body Language and Symptom Translation to discover what is hidden, what change is being called for, and what that change births as a Blessing in your life.
And More...
The course will be virtual, so you can attend from anywhere. I'll let you know more about the course next week, but for now, mark your calendars. 

Robert Tennyson Stevens
Founder and CEO

Mastery Systems Int. Inc.

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