Saturday, February 21, 2015

Movie Pics... Kumare

Sometimes, people pay us a sincere compliment (which is nice) and we always respond by pointing out that fact that whatever it is that they see in us, is only possible because it is alive and awake in them.
  It is only possible to see the contents of your own consciousness. 
Good, bad or indifferent, what you are witnessing is alive in you. We, at that moment, just happen to be good mirrors for them. We are able to reflect this for them because our mirror is less distorted than most and we spend a lot of time cleaning it which is a benefit to us all.

This brings us to one of our new favorite movies, Kumare. A beautiful experiment in transformation and revealing the power within.  Kumare is about a young man's attempt to expose the phoniness that he sees in the Guru business by play-acting one himself. It starts out as a sort-of spoof and it turns into a trans-formative journey for the new Guru and the followers who joined him. On the surface, it seems to poke fun at the 'gullible-ness' of humanity but the truth is that it exposes a crucial fact that all Gurus, real and phony alike, play a role as a catalyst to awaken what is stirring inside of them. That is why we love the acronym, G.U.R.U... Gee, You Are You.

To us, the movie is proof-positive that all people are projecting their own life-movie on their own screen of space. People are sincerely seeing wonderous things in Kumare, which the movie-viewer might be inclined to laugh at as an inside joke. But, again, they are REALLY seeing it... and since the movie viewer knows its not actually from Kumare... It has to be in the student. This is a real revelation and will not spoil any of the drama in the film for you, but we think some people might miss its importance as the final scene plays out!
BTW... we saw it on Netflix

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