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Understanding the final scene in the movie "Frequencies"

We recommended the movie, "Frequencies" in a recent post
and after some discussion about it with friends, it seems that it would be useful to give some background info to help better understand just how powerful the final scene is. If you will recall in that scene, Theo, (who really is the main character in my opinion), is chatting with his father who leaves in disappointment after he discovers that Theo has discovered the proverbial, "Theory of Everything" and now knows everything that is going to happen. Theo's quest for understanding came early in life which is what the early scenes in the movie are about. Theo tells his father that just because he knows the "score" of the play, he can still enjoy the performance. Theo does not yet fully know who he is until that final scene in which he stops time. Then he nonchalantly claims, "So... that's it then".

I say that Theo is the main character in the story, (not the movie of course) because the main plot centers around him and his awakening. Just like in real life... the drama is played out by other characters while Theo is relatively in the background and not seen much at all, until the end. Theo's father is actually playing the part of Judas, the reveal-er, and has to say goodbye in the final scene and Theo does not seem to upset about it. You see, this story is Theo's mystical revelation to the inheritance of "The Kingdom". If you look at Judas as a state of consciousness that reveals the truth, and Jesus as the consciousness of revealed truth... then you see that Judas must leave or,"commit suicide" in order for the new state of consciousness to remain permanent. One cannot be in two states of consciousness at the same time... You can not be Jesus and Judas, so Judas must go and Judas knows he must.

Below I am introducing you to some quotes by Neville taken from some of his transcribed lectures, which describe the phenomena in final scene and give it some meaning. It is one of the final acts in the play of self-realization... You know... the one when you know you are God. 

Neville From "Who is the Son of Man?"

   .... "Dominion is supremacy in determining and deciding and directing the actions of others. It is really ascendancy over human and unhuman forces, such as assures being obeyed.

Now, let me give you an experience of mine that you may taste of this power that is in store for you.

You will only taste of it before you have complete possession of it. You may not get complete possession of it until you are completely permeated with Love, or you can wreck the world. This is the Power. You will come upon a scene like this:

To give you my own experience, I came upon a scene that I felt to be about two hundred years ago in the New England States of our Country. Somehow I thought it was a Sunday afternoon, and they were all dining. My attention was attracted to a family of four: the father, mother and what appeared to be their two sons in the early 20’s – say, 21 and 22 or 21 and 23. As I stood watching them, I felt within myself that I could stop an activity that I was feeling, and that if I succeeded in arresting this activity within me, everything would stand still. Well, I did it. I arrested an activity within me, and everything stood sill. A bird was flying and it flew not. The waiter was coming in with the next course, and she walked not. They were dining; and one, as I looked at him, he had the soup spoon just about here (indicating a spoon approaching the mouth) and he couldn’t bring it any further. He dined not. The leaves falling, like the Fall of the year, and they fell not. The grass was waving, and it waved not. Everything was frozen, as though made of clay. I looked at them, and one second before they were all alive and seemingly independent of my perception of them; and now I knew they were not – that the whole vast world was dependent upon an activity that took place within me, of which I was totally unaware until that moment.

When I released that activity within me, they all continued to fulfill their intentions. The bird flew to the branch where it intended. The waitress continued walking towards the table where she would serve the second course; and the leaves began to fall to the earth, and the little green grass waving continued to wave, and the boy brought the soup to this mouth. Everything continued as it intended to when I stopped it.

I know now that I could have changed their intention; and had I changed their intention and then released it, they would have thought they had initiated the change, and they would have done exactly what I had ordered. That is dominion – complete control over the actions of others so that they must obey you. What enormous power is in store for man when man awakens from the dream of life! That’s dominion.

Neville From Eternal States:

   ....“The entire space/time history of the world is laid out and we only become aware of increasing portions of it successively.” For this Professor Feynman received the Nobel Prize and maybe $50,000, while Blake, who saw it mystically and recorded it poetically, went to an unmarked pauper’s grave. Professor Feynman based his conclusion on his study of the disintegration of the atom. Noticing the peculiar behavior of a little positron when placed in fluid, he realized that the entire space/ time history of the world is already laid out, and man only becomes aware of portions of it successively. 

I have seen the same thing in vision and know that the world is dead. I have entered a room such as this, to discover that I am the spirit animating it. By arresting the activity in me that caused the scene to become alive, everything froze. The waitress walked not. The birds flew not. The diners dined not. Then I knew that when I released its activity in me, everything and everyone would continue to complete their intention. Releasing my power, the waitress completed the serving, the bird flew to the limb of the tree, and the grass began to wave, as the leaf which was arrested in space fell to the ground. Now I know I am the center of creative power. The day will come when you, too will awaken and exercise your creative power, knowingly. That is our destiny, for we all will awaken as God and use this power to create in the true sense of the word. 

Try to remember that there is no limit to God’s creative power, or your power of belief. Persuade yourself that things are as you desire them to be. Fall asleep in that assumption, as that is your act of faith. Tomorrow the world will begin to change, to make room for the garment of your assumption. If it takes one person or ten thousand to aid the birth of your assumption, they will come. You will not need their consent or permission, because the world is dead and what would be the purpose in asking dead people to help you? Simply know what you want, animate the scene and those playing their parts will begin to move towards the fulfillment of your desire. 

Try it before you pass judgment upon it. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it will prove itself in performance and then it will not matter what the world thinks. If there is evidence for a thing, does it really matter what someone else thinks about it? I encourage you to try it, for if you do you will not fail. 

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