Friday, April 22, 2016

The Perfect Time...

You may notice that the word "FROM" is emphasized here. We have seen this quote bouncing around social media using the word "To" instead of "FROM". This change makes all the difference in your world. Our modern culture has programmed the minds, of those in it, to believe that everything comes from outside of the Individual. And, even though it may seem that way, I does NOT.

Now, in an act of "Shameless, Self-Promotion", we would like to invite you to the THRIVE 8 Week Experience. Mystics have to eat too, so don't be critical... just know that the commercial support for our lives is of "Integrity and Mutual Benefit"

THRIVE is the best nutritional system we have found in our over 50 years of experience and we take our health VERY seriously... DO YOU?

We will send you a sample for FREE if you would like to try it. Just text 480-298-2354

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