Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Water of Truth...

Water is always symbolic of TRUTH to the mystic.  When the Mystic walks on water, it is because he
knows the TRUTH and it is his firmament... his foundation. The "factually oriented" are drowning because they can only see the "Facts" which are always symbolized as "stone".

Endlessly treading water looking for "stone" (aka facts) to stand on, mankind's true creative power has not reached adulthood yet. And in our spiritual adolescence, we "stone" people to death,  by throwing facts at them... "You've never done that before!" "You're not smart enough!" "Your not tall enough!" "You've never been good at that!" "Nobody's ever done that!" etc... etc... etc...

After being "stoned" to death enough times, a hopeless schizophrenia begins to set in. You may have noticed this in the world around you. Perhaps it is you.

The truth that is the foundation for the higher ideals of the mind... The truth that sets you free... is when you have a personal experience that

Imagination Creates Reality  

Everything that has ever been, is and ever will be, was imagined first. It is good to really think about this statement.  You may find it at odds with our modern culture and society. Start with something simple, like a chair. It was imagined long before it was made and you sat in it. It is easy to agree with that and a little more challenging  to see the same cause-and-effect relationship when talking about a mountain, a disease or dinosaurs. But if you sit quietly and meditate on it... you will be surprised at the conclusions that will come to you.

It costs you nothing to try

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