Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Wedding of Spiritual Adults...

A wedding Celebrant... An HONOR bestowed upon me once upon a time at thetop of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies by 2 souls who recognized something hiding in me that was in alignment with their desire for a ceremony unbound by any religious traditions, yet captured the essence of a WEDDING and a MARRIAGE.

The results, posted here, represent a fantastic and humbling exercise in birthing these words into material reality, attempting to fit the occasion, the location and LOVE.

..."We have gathered here to witness and participate in a celebration of love. 

We stand together with a bride and a groom, with Marika and Kyle, as examples of the greatest aspirations of MAN, of each of us.

 And that aspiration is to love, is to know love and to become love… through the most difficult circumstances and in the most trying of times… and to shine the rays of love all the days of our lives. 

To love is to feel connected. 
We come to this fabulous place called Earth to learn to bear the beams of love. And to the degree that we love we acquire substance.
In this great quest to become love and acquire substance, we arrive at  the threshold of spiritual maturity, where spiritual adults can be united, and in that union, the power of love is amplified.

Today, we recognize in Marika and Kyle, a quality that is reflected in our surroundings, and in that reflection we become one with them in this moment. 

One knowing glimpse of the world around us at any single instant of time is sufficient to fill us with profound awe and a feeling of worship.
From this place of inspiration, this place of
as a person,
as a couple 
and as a community, 
together we affirm our aspirations,
to do our best
 to learn together,
 to grow together,
 to understand together,
 to forgive together
 and most of all to love together… 
to see our connectedness, our love, to all people, to all things, and to shine this light in all of our endeavors. 

And as we lift ourselves up to these great heights, our fellow man rises with us, creating a space and showing the way for all people of substance.

Will the best man now present the rings?

My Beloved Kyle
You are My mirror and the window to my soul
Look into my eyes
To see what's true
They'll always be there
To see us through
Take my hand and walk with me 
Deep into the mystery of life
Take this ring and fly with me 
As I am now your wife

Marika My beloved
You are my mirror and the window to my soul
Look into my eyes
To see what's true
You'll find my heart 
I give to you
Take my hand and walk with me
As we journey through this land
Take this ring to the sky with me
As I am now your husband

You may now seal your love with a kiss

Ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce to you, Mr. & Mrs. Marika and Kyle ______

And now in a moment of reverence… remember, You are always connected, always in love, no matter what
happens during this life or after.
 Always connected.

It is when your feeling of reverence is most intense that you are closest to God, and when you are closest to God, Your life is richest.

And to all our friends and family,
We see the light in you, that is also in us, and when we are in that space together, we are one


Dance Songs:
The Mating Game by Bitter Sweet
The Water is Wide, Eva Cassidy… slow dance
Eve by Lorna lee

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