Thursday, July 25, 2019

At the Very End of Technology...

The Surprise button! 
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"...a friend of mine many years ago, who said that Gnosis—which means… I suppose you’d best call it ‘transcendental knowledge’—Gnosis is to be surprised at everything. Because, you see, if you carry out technology to its final fulfillment, you have technological means of supplying you with everyneed or wish that you could imagine. So that you have—instead of just the plain little telephone with its dial on it—you have a somewhat more elaborate machine on which you can dial for anything you need at any time and it’ll be supplied instantly. Imagine yourself in that omnipotent position!...

...And what you will wish for in that final, ultimate push-button world will be a button labeled Surprise! You won’t know what’s going to come when you dial that one. And Chesterton’s fundamental attitude as a poet, as a theologian, was that even God needs a surprise and, of course, for that very reason endowed angels and men with the mystery of free will: so that they would do things that would be surprising and that could not be foretold."

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