Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Consigned Disobedience...

If I commanded you to NOT think of a blue elephant... It is too late because you have already had the thought. You cannot "NOT" something without first identifying it with your thought and thereby including it in your experience.

And so it is with the biblical Ten Commandments...

You may have noticed that each commandment is stated in the negative, "Thou shalt NOT..." Except the one, "Honor thy father and thy mother" 

"You can educate a man out of a state (of consciousness), but you cannot prohibit him from occupying it... Every commandment that is negative will be broken, for 'God has consigned all men to disobedience that he may have mercy on all.' The moment I give you a command that is negatively worthy, I have consigned you to disobedience. There is only one commandment which is not negative. That one is "Love thy father and mother." Every commandment has to be broken, yet man thinks he is so holy." (Neville)
Read Neville's entire lecture at

Knowing this, is it possible that this consigned disobedience is responsible for the growth and expansion of the universe? For the education  and cultivation of the individual? Is it a list of the things that you will absolutely do, in the fullness of time to complete the prodigal journey? (click to read The Prodigal Son) No judgement... Just the experience of contrast for educative purposes.

The mystical interpretation of "The Ten Commandments" is well presented in Bill Donahue videos which you can access here

A Brief Summary of the Mystical Interpretation of "The Ten Commandments":
  1. "I Am" is the only God. That means you.
  2. Do not give away your power to external things, events or even Gods ie; "graven images"
  3. You will reap what you claim with your "I AM ________" statements
  4. You Must keep the Sabbath, or "Allow"  the universe to arrange itself in accordance with your "I Am" claims
  5. Honor the the Sun/Moon, Ying/Yang balance of the universe inside and outside you. You honor your father by lifting your mind. You honor your mother by lifting your spirit.
  6. You shall not take the life-blood (kill), the conscious power of creation from another. (ex. like telling someone they are stupid etc.
  7. An adulterer is one who plays with false gods and false ideas
  8. To steal is to rob a man of his creative power. mainly by coercing him to idol worship and giving his power away to things, ideas and people.
  9. Only hold Images of others that are of the highest and noblest. Never see them (bear false witness) as less than their ideal.
  10. Do not desire the things of the "left", or carnal mind, Desire only for the spirit or "right" side... the Seat of the Imagination.

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