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UFO's, Aliens & Understanding the Architecture of Human Consciousness

UFO's and Aliens are the modern icons of the mysterious and the fantastic. I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to see a UFO. It just seemed so out-of-this-world... and a little scary and unnerving. As an adult I still think it would be neat, as I have not seen one yet... Some interesting lights in the sky here and there, but nothing that would suggest a craft powered by beings from another planet. Whether you believe in them or not, its hard not to listen to the incredible stories of people who encounter them. And it begs the question...

 ...what is REALLY going on?

As consciousness matures and the Imagination begins to awaken, you will find a new context for how these
phenomena fit within the framework of our shared reality. Have you noticed that people who have experienced alien abductions never have any witnesses? Nobody sees them being abducted or being
returned. This seems kind of scary and mysterious but it becomes clear that these are all psychic phenomena, taking place deep in the psyche of the individual, in another dimension of reality. And as such,  they must be part of the collective human psyche because so many people have described very similar experiences and describe similar beings from ancient to modern times. This is a real phenomena, and even though it is not taking place in the physical reality, they are just as important and significant... "As within, so without". Because we live in a "Mind-Created" reality, these phenomena can manifest as "real" to those who are tuned into that mental vibration. They unveil hidden truths that are reflective of consciousness unfolding. Graham Hancock's video down the page will nicely tie together some of these concepts.

It is useful to separate UFO's that may be from another world and those that are terrestrial... or man-made. It is clear that their is man-made technology, that currently exists, that is FAR beyond what the
general population is aware of. The most blatant example was demonstrated by 911 and the disappearance of 3 of the largest buildings in the world. Something turned them into mostly dust... and it was NOT jet fuel. You can watch Dr. Judy Woods explanation at  So it is likely that most craft that are seen are part of that kind of hidden, man-made technology. As for ET craft, I would not totally dismiss the idea, but from the awareness of Imagination and the knowledge that everything on the outside, including Alien's (beings from "another" world), is actually a projection from that which is within, then real or not, we have something to learn.

The entire contents of  Human consciousness is expressed through the stories and personifications we see in the physical realm AND in those unseen dimensional realms that the intellectual mind has difficulty knowing. The mind naturally personifies, or gives form to,
irrational or negative emotional states, particularly FEAR, in this discussion. In ages past, man used to personify this fear as elves, fairy's, trolls, vampires, werewolves etc. and people were having "real" experiences of them as they became part of the cultural mystique. These beings are just as real as aliens, but both exist in another dimension of our consciousness which is not readily available to man in normal, everyday life. Mankind's intellectual capacity has been developing out of his emotional being and now science is the new authority for our modern culture. Science explains away all of the aforementioned phenomena as ridiculous and silly, and we have accepted this view as it appeals to our developed logical mind. And because these things must be believed in to manifest, they have all but disappeared from the cultural landscape.  All things being eternal, they still exist for the energetically sensitive. But fear is still very much a part of the human psyche and Aliens are  now the contemporary trolls and hobbits etc. After all, what could be more scary to intellectual infantiles, such as modern man (not all of course), than beings with gigantic brains, paralyzing psychic powers, long distance space travel technology, that can pop in and out of existence in a instant where locked doors and windows are no defense? But...

...If Aliens are so powerful, why are they always hiding? 

I feel this one question alone can unravel the mystery and I will follow up on this thought by telling a wonderful story that would suggest that the personifications of modern day fear, are full of it (fear) themselves. And that you and I, in our Awakened State, are much more powerful than we can currently conceive.

Years ago, my sister had a son who was "different" from other children. The cultural system gave him the label of high-functioning autism which is not a very useful description for such a lovely being. My sister had her own awakening after many years in the extremely intellectual world of super computers, and since has become wise in the more subtle aspects of human consciousness... animals talk to her, as well as deceased entities, along with the ability to see into peoples bodies, and more. As her son was growing, he began to tell her of things he was seeing that... "weren't there" to the rest of us. Fortunately for him, his mother was able to guide him with empowering statements and reassurance, instead of "freaking out" in hysteria to the local psychologist for drugs. Some of the beings he described in the same way the typical "grey" aliens are described... and they were asking him to do things for them! She would advise him to tell them to go away and stop bothering him and that they were not welcome... which he did. Now, if they were asking him to do things for them... that means that they cannot do those things for themselves... not much power in that! Anyway, this went on regularly for years with my sister giving him the same counsel. One day it occurred to her that he had not mentioned these beings for quite some time, which somewhat concerned her. When she asked him about them this was his response... "Mom, I kept telling them to go away and stop bothering me just like you told me... but they just kept coming back, and coming back and bothering me more and more......... so I lit them on fire". !!!!!!!!     Holy SH_T!    Well, they never bothered him again! And oh, through the mouths of babes, the truth is revealed. With that kind of power buried inside each one of us, its no wonder that they have to hide and manipulate. Truth can stand on its own... lies need constant manipulation and reinforcement to be believed in.

So, yes, it seems that aliens could well be the psychic personification of fear. Perhaps it is part of the architecture of human consciousness which shows us that as the intellect is developed, its ignorance/fears are personified until they have matured. When one's Imagination has awakened, such things take on a childish reflection.

The rhetoric in the media and on the web about "Alien Disclosure" is endless. Let us be open-minded but remember the creative power of the Human Imagination. At present, it seems these phenomena are mind-created projections of unconscious fear that feed a culture's addiction to drama... the fantastic and mysterious in this case.

It also plays into the childish notion evident in all religions that we yearn for some fatherly "outside" or "external" force to save us from our plight. That plight is the prodigal journey... (READ)

"Disclosure" is just the New-Age Christianity. Fear and Salvation in one symbolized idea. In Christianity it is fear of suffering and Jesus coming some day from the clouds to save us. In the New Age, it is the fear of the self-destruction of earth (and subsequent suffering) and the Galactic Federation coming from outer space to save us. Same old story, different characters and stage.
Time to grow ourselves up!

More importantly, I see it as a great invitation to understand our own consciousness and empower ourselves through self-knowledge with the understanding that...

"All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow" (William Blake)

...And that includes aliens, galaxies, black holes, nebulae... bird poop, and every phenomena that we experience as "Out There"... which is but a shadow of the creator behind it all... which is YOU! And if it is not cultivating the Imaginative powers in Man, I question its usefulness.

Now, If these alleged beings are sooo advanced, why would they be messing around at this level of existence creating fear, abducting people and allegedly manipulating governments and technology for their own purposes? It seems to me that...

 ...misbehaving aliens are no more advanced, spiritually, than us.

 Just playing out the same old drama's of human existence... the "oppressed and the oppressor",  the "manipulated and the manipulator" etc. etc... but with nifty machinery and scary looking eyes. So it would seem that all of that super-advanced technology has not saved them. Their plight could be a warning to a world determined to endlessly advance technologically.

I recall a fascinating book by Bob Frissell called "Nothing in This Book is True, But it is Exactly the Way Things Are", in which he describes what are commonly referred to as "Grey" aliens, and how they are the projection of one possible future for mankind. A future in which they used their intellect and advanced technology to create a Merkabah. A Merkabah is a powerful energy field that is created around the body as a star tetrahedron. It is energized with the consciousness of pure love and appears as a ball of light sliced by a disk of light. It can be used to travel everywhere and every when in the universe. Frissell says the greys are us, 30,000 years in the future. They chose to use their massive intellects, instead of Love, to create a Merkabah, and they have been lost ever since trying to find their way back. They have been distorted into the pathetic creatures of UFO lore. It is Time to LOVE them back to ourselves... if you can Imagine that well.
I suggest you give it a try.

We recently came across this YouTube video  where Graham Hancock describes some of the common themes he has witnessed and researched regarding these phenomena that we think really give a helpful background. We think you will find it good fertilizer for understanding.

The aliens and the Archon's have done their job seducing man away from the awakening imagination with their temptations to the logical and reasoning mind and man is swept away in his addiction to the technologically fantastic. But, have you noticed that even with all this so-called progress, man is still sound asleep to his greatness and his omniscient inter-connectedness with all life? Still muddling through the basic dramas of life? Religions with their rituals and all the New Age niceties have done the best they can to keep man from growing up... but in the end, the Imagination will have it's day and man will know his greatness.

So, it is perfectly fine to fiddle around with the fantastic as long as your eyes are wide open and you realize the risk of getting lost in your own images. Man is naturally going to do it anyway, as it is part of his growth, beginning as an emotional being. As the intellect develops out of the emotional Man, the "outer" world has most of his attention and his ability to tell stories of what he is witnessing become more and more complex... we currently call this "science". Science is telling the story of external cause and effect. Until the day when the Imagination begins to awaken and it is through the intellect that true causality can be understood and the Creator can be revealed... and the source of that causality and the great creator is You!

Here is another unique perspective by Bill Cooper who was shot dead in front of his home in rural AZ. Gee,I wonder what he knew? 

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