Sunday, July 23, 2017

The 2 Contrary States of the Human Soul...

by Tim Che'

Before you were aware of being you, you were only aware of being aware. It is called "Un-
conditioned Awareness"

Now, you are AWARE of being you. And you are aware of the things around you, which are extensions of that awareness.

Your AWARENESS,  has fallen into division for the purpose of self-definition.

When you say, "I Am_______", you are exploring aspects of  Self-definition. It's like trying new clothes to see how they fit.

Cain and Able are personifications of  the two distinct functions of your own consciousness. They are names for the two contrary states of the human soul and it is told as the story of 2 brothers. Each represents a distinct outlook on the world, possessed by everyone. The first is the limited perception of the senses, and the second is the imaginative view of the world.

Cain, the first view, the first born, is a passive surrenderer to appearances. and an acceptance of life on the basis of the world without. This view inevitably leads to unsatisfied longing or to contentment with disillusion. It is also referred to, in modern culture, as the Left-Brain. This is the intellectual side of the mind which relies on logic and reasoning, and is endlessly measuring
everything with words and ideas. It sees reality as material and absolute. In other words, nothing exists if we can not contact it with the senses in some way... or to the scientist, find logical ideas about the physical world to the satisfaction of the intellect. It is the mind that is lost in the results, and in ignorance to, the causal capacity of the Imagination, called ABLE

Able, the second view, is the ability (you are ABLE to...) in man to construct images in his mind. That ability is called "Imagination". That ability can create a vision of fulfilled desire, lifting man above the evidence of the senses to the state of consciousness of relief where he no longer pines with desire. In the ignorance of the second view, you are Dis-Abled.  Knowledge of the second view is the wing whereby it flies to the heaven of fulfilled desire.

Cain offers the evidence of the senses which your Higher conscious mind rejects, because acceptance of his gift, as a mold of the future, would mean

the fixation and perpetuation of the present state forever. 

The sick would be sick, the poor would be poor, the thief would be a thief, the murderer a murderer and so on... without hope of redemption.

Life on earth is a training ground for image-making. 

If you use only the molds which your senses dictate and which only logic and reasoning will allow, there will be no change in your life.You are here to live the more abundant life, so you must use the invisible molds of imagination and make results and accomplishments the crucial test of your power to create. Only as you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and continue therein are you offering the gift that pleases.

Pleases who, you might ask? 
Not some fatherly disciplinarian in the sky. 

It pleases YOU

And fulfills the journey YOU set out to complete.

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