Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The WOMBan...

"All Men and Women have a WOMb ANd each give birth to the ideas they consent to as the children of their consciousness" (Tim Che')

"Every Man is 'Mary' and birth to 'Christ' must give" (Neville)

here was the embodiment of love saying to his mother, "Woman, what have I to do with thee?"

You are Jesus, and your mother is your own consciousness. For consciousness is the cause of all, therefore, it is the great father-mother of all phenomena.

You and I are creatures of habit. We get into the habit of accepting as final the evidence of our senses. Wine is needed for the guests and my senses tell me that there is no wine, and I through habit am about to accept this lack as final. When I remember that my consciousness is the one and only reality, therefore if I deny the evidence of my senses and assume the consciousness of having sufficient wine, I have in a sense rebuked my mother or the consciousness which suggested lack
; and by assuming the consciousness of having what I desire for my guests, wine is produced in a way we do not know.

Who are the parents? We have discovered that the father-mother of all creation is man's I AMness. Man's consciousness is God. I am conscious of the state. I am the father-mother of all my ideas and my mind remains faithful to this new concept of self. My mind is disciplined. I take into that state the disciples, and I shut out of that state everything that would deny it.

 You must be born from within. Now housed in your own wonderful skull - which is the Mary of scripture - it is from that Holy Mother that you must be born. As Mary, I gave birth to Christ; and now, forever in blessedness,

We are being birthed through the Mother, Nature,

Every man is Mary and birth to Imagination must give

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