Thursday, July 13, 2017

Think Cosmically...

To THINK COSMICALLY one must be able to dissolve that which he sees into that which he knows.

Start doing it then by realizing that this objective universe is NOT  made up of many substances and things.

It is made up entirely of electric waves of motion which simulate many substances and things which you have always accepted as real.

The moment you fully realize that not one thing in Nature is what it seems to be, you are beginning to transcend your senses by your growing ability to dissolve what you see into what you know.

That principle constitutes the difference between the one who senses by outward thinking, to the one who knows through inner cosmic thinking.

It marks the line of demarcation between the physical and the spiritual man. He who has passed that line thinks cosmically. He knows cause while he who senses is only aware of effects which he can never know.

~ Excerpt from 'God will work with you but not for you' by Lao Russell

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