Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Feeling is Causation...

"We all regard feelings far too much as effects, and not sufficiently as causes of the events of the day." (Neville)

We are all in a constant process of creation. Every reaction is a creation and we will reap what we sow. Every habit of thought is telling us what is coming. The present moment does not recede into the past... it is projected forward. If you want to change the future you must begin by interfering with our reactions and change our perceptions in the moment of NOW. You will know whether or not you are going to like your future by how you are feeling right now, in the present. You may be reacting to your thinking or reacting to your environment... but again every reaction is a creation.

Master your reactions and Master your life. 

You master your reactions first by being aware of them, without judgement, just noticing. Then, begin to rearrange your mental story so that your reaction is one that will project a future worthy of your occupation. A nightly revision of the days events, before you fall asleep, is a most productive activity. Simply replay the day in your mind and mentally change any part that could be improved the way you would like to see it. Then fall asleep in the feeling of your perfect day!

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