Thursday, November 7, 2013

Something Dangerously Useful

"Imagine a substance that costs pennies to make and that you could make at home on your stove. A substance that would effectively destroy all parasites, viruses, bacteria's (but only the bad kind), yeasts, molds, fungus, toxins (like snake poison), and heavy metals in the body... AND the only side effects are the salt and water that are the result of its normal reaction with these unhealthy substances."
Talk about DANGEROUS!

VERY DANGEROUS!... Imagine the multi-Trillion dollar industries that would quickly disappear if this substance was true and people took that responsibility.

Well, the substance is true... And my guess is that the Trillion dollar industry won't have too much to worry about because people are well programmed to give their power away to that industry and too preoccupied to change much. BUT... YOU are reading this and YOU have a chance. This is a "Red Pill / Blue Pill" moment in you life, right NOW.

BUT... it has a hidden cost. And that is that YOU must take responsibility for your health and learn how to use it YOURSELF! YOU must explore its usefulness to YOU. No One else... YOU!

Don't worry. We are not selling anything nor do we make anything promoting this. This blog is our opportunity to give back and do good.

We will be discussing this substance this Wednesday at 9am MST, on "Casual Conversations on Consciousness" at and you can join us by calling in at 917-889-2275 and press 1 if you have a question.
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