Saturday, November 30, 2013

Show Me the One... Show Me the Way

Today, we want to share with you a powerful tool that anyone can use and everyone has. It is a mantra of clarity and a great way to start each day. It's called "Show Me the One... Show Me the Way" and it is a command to your "higher" or "inner" self which knows where it/you are going. This is NOT a petition to some nebulous higher authority. Simply say to yourself,  "Show me the one that I need to meet today" or "Show me the one thing I must do today" to move me closer to my goals and dreams. And make it obvious so I do not have to look so hard and so I don't miss it". You can say this to your self all day long... Then you have to:
You will be thrilled at how quickly this can work and how much fun it can be. It will also sharpen up your intuitive skills which we will be talking about next Wednesday morning at 9am MST on Casual Conversations on Consciousness at You can join us by calling in at  917-889-2275 and press 1 if you have a question.

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