Thursday, November 21, 2013

Genetic Determinism... Another Tragic Error Regarding Causation

Genetic Determinism is another misguided concept that has been created by our externally-oriented scientists and blindly accepted by most of the ignorant public. oh... that sounded a bit harsh didn't it? Well, if the shoe fits... and I include myself, of course, for I was not immune to these logically-sounding ideas either. But, is it TRUE? and is it the only idea out there on the subject? Nobody ever seems to ask that question... and it is not the only idea.

Genetic Determinism is championed by the external-cause oriented scientific community and it says your genes CAUSE the physical effects we see manifested as a human body, or any other living organism with DNA. There are allegedly genes that cause eye color, sexual preferences, certain diseases... and on and on. And if you have any 'bad' genes, you will have the 'bad'  outcomes caused by the genes. You will be a "Victim" of chance DNA combinations and helpless from the results.

There is another idea

That idea is called EpiGenetics and it comes from the Internally-oriented community and says that our genes are REFLECTIVE of the consciousness of the occupier. In other words, your genes are the effects of the arrangement of your mind... mainly the unconscious part. And isn't it interesting that 98% of your mind is unconscious and 98% of DNA is 'junk', or unknown, according to scientists? This is not a coincidence. Reference Bruce Lipton, Dr. Mercola or Wayne Dwyer.

Epigenetics fits much better to our world-view than Genetic Determinism.

So, lets explore this... I know we have been taught that Man is some kind of genetic-slave experiment by some humanoid ancient alien techno-race. Or that God made the earth and Man was perhaps not his best work. And that Man is like an unwanted infestation of this otherwise beautiful, blue planet and the planet is sure to 'shake us off' like a bad disease. Again, that is not the only idea out there.

Think of the Earth and everything on it and in it as Human... as a reflection, or a projection of Human consciousness. So-called man-made things would be the physical projection of Man's conscious mind, and birds, mountains, trees, storms, rain, etc, etc... would be the physical projection of the unconscious mind. And, isn't it interesting the ratio of one man to the earth is the same as the ratio of the conscious mind to the unconscious mind? Now, if everything is Human, then the scientist would be looking at the DNA of all the creatures of the earth and find that it is shared with that of Man. However, the scientist somehow concludes  that man must have evolved from lessor creatures because their belief system has no room for the idea that Man IS CAUSATIVE. The reason that everything has Man's DNA in it is because everything comes out of Man's consciousness and the Earth and Man are one. Think about this for a while....

Man's manipulation of DNA is like trying to change a movie by cleaning the screen or rearranging the characters on the screen. You have to go to the film and the projector to make any real, lasting changes in what your seeing on the screen. Again, we see an interesting correlation with this analogy... the ratio of the conscious mind to the unconscious mind is the same as the projector to the entire film. The film exists, finished and complete, in its entirety, on the reel and the projector allows you to see just one moment of the entire film at a time.

Now, the question arises, is it possible to change your DNA if you are the source of its arrangement? Yes... and No. Here I am reminded of 2 great quotes:
"Your children are not your children. They belong to life's longing to know itself" (Kahlil Gibran)
"Which one sinned, this man or his parents, that he be born blind? and Jesus said, "neither he nor his parents sinned, but so the works of God be made manifest"  (John 9:3)
Yes... If it is your destiny to change it. If it is your time for transcendence.
No... If it is of greater significance to you to experience it as it is

It seems that Man's manipulation of DNA is evidence of an intellect out of control, wrestling with its own shadow. Tragically lost in an endless maze of its own ideas and running from its own creations. Its time for a new approach... to start looking at things with a different mind. To begin to establish Imagination as the basis for, and sustainer of, the universe.

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