Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Only Truth That Saves...

Take care your hands of passion
They mold your clay-like state...
Trim the hangnails of your reason...
They snag your shedding fate

The hardened world of Caesar...
The callous skin of logic
To the senses they are slaves
What truth be in Imagination?
The only truth that saves

Release your notion of the past...
The clipped wings of desire...
Stretch your mind... leave thought behind
Of this world you will not tire

So give your hand to feed your hunger...
Your mind, your heart, your lover...
In fantasy ignite this fire
And Conceive your seeds in rapture

Then in this womb, you can not see
The gestation of your dreams.
And in this tomb, we came to be
Laying challenge to what seems

And in its time, you'll reap this wonder
You'll dance with heart so pure
And from your mind flows paths forever
With a knowing that is sure

Tim Che'

#LifeStyleLuminaries #SoulCoaches #ConSOULtants
Art by Josephine Wall

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