Friday, January 14, 2022

Spiritual Defense

So... perhaps we are at war. A quiet war with silent weapons and an invisible enemy. Their are casualties that no one sees. And worse, few believe that anything is happening at all. The battle rages. It is called "Armageddon". It is the end times. It is also the end of time.

You see time is the intellectual part of the mind. The part that will lose the battle with the Awakened Imagination... Read "The Battle of Armageddon"

Here, Neville gives us the best defense during these trying times: 

"The best defense against the deceptive assault upon our mental and moral eyesight is the spiritual eye or the Eye of God. In other words, a spiritual ideal that cannot be changed by circumstance, a code of personal honor and integrity in ourselves and good will and love to others. 

"Not what thou art, nor what thou hast been, beholdeth God with his merciful eyes, but that thou wouldst be." 

Through the veins of the humblest man on earth runs the royal blood of being. Therefore, let us look at man through the eyes of imaginative love which is really seeing with the Eye of God. Under the influence of the Eye of God, the ideal rises up out of the actual, just like water is etherialized by the sun into the imagery cloudland.

The man who really finds himself cannot do otherwise than let himself be guided by love.

Our ability to help others will be in proportion to our ability to control and help ourselves. 

The day a man achieves victory over himself, history will discover that to have been a victory over his enemy.

The solitary or captive can, by the intensity of his imagination and feeling, effect myriads so that he can act through many men and speak through many voices. The best way to feel another’s good is to be more intensely aware of it. Ideas do not bless unless they descend from Heaven and take flesh.

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