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The Facts about Facts...

by Tim Che'

Facts always follow... They never precede. 

In other words, when one looks at a fact, any fact at all, something came before the fact that made it a fact. 

"Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear"(Heb 3:9)

 That thing, the thing that all things come from, is consciousness, aka "light" 
Lesser known, and more accurately defined as the Imagination

"All things were made by it; and without it was not anything made that was made" (John 1:3)

 Here we are establishing causality. You have to decide right here, right now, whether you are a cause, or the effect of a cause. There is no kinda-sorta-maybe about it. To accept yourself as the cause comes with the ultimate responsibility, and goes against EVERYTHING that you have been taught. It opposes the logical, rational mind... and almost EVERYONE will think you are crazy. Stop reading now if you are not open to the possibility that You are the cause.

"Material substance is but the shadow of the Imagination that brought it about."(Neville). 

 When you look at the world around you, what you see has more to do with the arrangement of your
mind and less to do
with light reflecting off of objects and hitting your eyes. I remember reading cases studies of hypnotherapists who experimented with subjects to explore this point. In one such experiment, the therapist suggested that the person standing next to them did not exist. He had the now  'non- existent'  person stand between him and the subject, then held up a card with writing on it. The subject could not "physically" see the card with the person standing in front of him, but was able to perfectly and easily read the card, as if the person was not there. How could she see through the person and read the card?

Another experiment took place in a kitchen where there was a cupboard that had a false back in it so the contents of the cupboard could changed unnoticed. The subject was given some boring task of answering questions and would be asked repeatedly to open the cupboard and see if there was a can of tomato soup inside.  There was lots of other cans in the cupboard but no tomato soup. They kept asking her to check and every time... no tomato soup. She was rather getting annoyed after dozens of times checking and was refusing to check anymore. They begged her to check on more time, but this time they put a can of tomato soup right in the front. She opened the cupboard, looked right in and exclaimed, "See! No tomato soup!" They asked if she was sure. She was looking right at it and could not see it! People all the time are seeing things that are not there and not seeing things that are there.

The Arrangement of the Mind

You see, the arrangement of your mind has everything to do with how you view the world around you and what it is that you see. Now think about your daily activities. You cannot act without thinking about it first, so all of your activity comes from you. You are the cause of it. This should be obvious. But what about the things in your life that seem to be caused from "out there"?  Well, if what is perceived  as "out there" is dependent on the arrangement of your mind... then you are the cause.

Unstoppable cause meets Immovable effect

This seems ridiculous to most people because we are trained that we are 'effects' and at the mercy of seemingly random events around us. We are taught to observe causes and effects in the outer, material world, measuring 'force A against object B'. We see causes and effects on all levels of the material world and it seems that quite often we are on the receiving end of some causes. To the intellectual mind it is rational and makes sense. But that does not make it TRUE and it is not the whole picture. The intellectual mind and the science that it has built up around it is FULL of contradictions and endless arguments.

A truth cannot not be argued about... it is simply the truth. 

And don't get me started on 'The Theory of Evolution', which is at best a 'tale told by an idiot', and at
worst, a manipulative lie told to dis-empower humans. (I'll have to write a post on that one but if you watch the Ultimate History Lesson  you will begin to see the truth)

"Just the Facts, Ma'am"

Today, we are exploring the cause of FACTS as it relates to injuries, ailments,  and so-called 'healing'. We live in a flood of facts and it is overwhelming. No FACT is more obvious and pervasive than your own sickness, disease or pain. So, what caused the fact? If you say a virus, or a traffic accident, then you are a mere effect and you have no power (you are not at cause) to create a different effect. You will then fight 'fire with fire' or the fact with more facts, and find yourself drowning in a flood of facts and fact experts. You will be 'stoned' with the facts. Stones represent 'facts' in scripture. When you are told, “you're not good enough, you've never done anything like that before, you're not smart enough” are being 'stoned' with 'facts'.

Is it possible to rise above the FACTS? 

The biblical story of Noah's Ark is not just a simple childrens fairy tale. It is trying to teach us something: That YOU must mentally occupy the Ark (the state of consciousness) that will raise you above the flood of facts that you are drowning in. It is construted on 3 levels; The physical, the psychological, and the spiritual. This Ark, or state of mind, automatically contains absolutely EVERYTHING that comes with that state of consciousness. There is no need to create details.  Just occupy the state of mind and everything is automatic. Now, if you are sick, can you build an Ark of wellness? Clue... you do not do it with the intellectual mind because it is factually oriented and cannot see beyond the facts. You must be the 'Unjust Steward' and use your Imagination to 'Falsify the Record'. Thomas Edison is a great example of someone who built an Ark (state of mind) so powerful... ALL external criticism was irrelevant to him and had no impact on his vision.

A Changeable Past?

The intellectual interpretation of a mystical principal.
Kinda silly when you think about it.
Be Brave! If you are new to this, be patient and be open. Together, we are going into very deep waters and it may feel uncomfortable at first. Remember, we are discussing  Causation (which we discussed earlier) and a radically upgraded definition of Forgiveness. That definition requires a changeable past.  Huh!?   Excuse me? Let us explore 'such nonsense to the intellect'. For instance... say you had an experience as a child that scared the livin' daylights out of you. And as you grew older, through your life experiences, as you 'remembered' it over and over, you feared it less and less until now, where it does not frighten you at all. How is that possible if the fear is based on facts? Same facts, no fear? What is different?

 Facts are relative to the observer. 

You are the observer, the interpreter of the facts. You witness things and interpret them and they are factual to you. So a fact is dependent on the interpreter. When the interpreter changes, what we call the facts, change as well because facts are an interpretation... not actual. So you can begin to see that the world around you is a reflection of your mind. There may be something out there... but how could you know for sure? Is it there when you are not looking? Physicists know the perplexing problem of the observer (Google 'the double slit experiment') where the results (facts) change when an observer is present. I am not making this stuff up! AND it is significant.

Are Facts Changeable?

So, if facts are affected by the observer, then they are, at least in part, dependent on the observer. YOU are the observer. Does this imply that facts are changeable? Yes. Is the past changeable? Well, what is the past? An observed memory, is it not? Now, if that is true, HOW do I change it? Well, it is changing all the time... each and every time you remember a fact it is changed a little. Just like the child's game of telephone when you tell something to the person next to you and they tell the person next to them and on and on until in a very short time the message is completely different from the original. So, instead of allowing the repetition of memory to continually distort the original, for better or worse, can we change it intentionally? How would we do that? And if we can, how will that affect what we call 'reality'?

Building the ARK.

This Ark is a MENTAL construction. It is a full-sensory (sight, smell, touch, sound, taste) Image, constructed in the workshop of the Imagination, that implies the desired result. And, FEELING is the secret.

Spiritual Sensation

Can you sit quietly, close your eyes, and smell bacon cooking? Or coffee brewing? Can you see the house that you grew up in with your eyes closed? Can you feel the thrill of some past success? Of course you can. Expand on these mental images. Fill in more details and add more senses. Include all 5 senses if you can. Now begin to play with the image. Change it in ways that are fun and interesting. You can read more details on technique at this link


 Here is a simple exercise to start your journey; "My old friend, Abdullah, gave me this exercise. (Neville)
Every day I would sit in my living room where I could not see the telephone in the hall. With my eyes closed, I would assume I was in the chair by the phone. Then I would feel myself back in the living room. This I did over and over again, as I discovered the feeling of changing motion. This exercise was very helpful to me. If you try it, you will discover you become very loose with this exercise. Practice the art of motion, and one day you will discover that by the very act of imagining, you are detached from your physical body and placed exactly where you are imagining yourself to be - so much so that you are seen by those who are there."

What about illness and injury?

If you go to a doctor, they will look at your “facts” with the eyes of their knowledge and experience, which is limited to External causes. They will supply you with Evidence... x-rays, blood tests, MRI's, etc. and their conclusions. This can be very useful especially in the case of bodily damage resulting from injury. And thank goodness for that! What I am about to say is in no way meant to be anti-doctor in any way. However, when it comes to the majority of doctor/patient experiences, the overwhelming majority involve mysterious diseases and symptoms.

Headaches are an easy example. Nobody even knows what a headache actually is but you can feel one if you have it. There are no nerves in the head that would be required by doctor’s world-view to make sense of it. And they are not sure exactly what their remedies (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen) actually do to solve the symptom called 'headache'... they just know from experience that it works. This is a classic example of the fact that doctors and patients do not know the truth of causation and together they dance the drama of modern medicine, usually with disastrous results (in the long term) as they chase around their own self-created phantoms in the world of pharmacies, surgeries and artificial equipment that almost assuredly cause the need for more such intervention.

Is There Another Way?

Many years ago, I discovered an alternative while reading a lecture by Neville on the art of REVISION. Revision is the ability and practice of re-arranging the mind.

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"(Rom 12:2)

 If the mind is re-arranged properly, it will no longer see the same past or the same problem and the associated mental and emotional states associated with them. You can read about scientists who studied subjects with multiple personality disorders. In one personality the subject is extremely near-sighted and in another his vision was normal. The scientist actually could measure, in real time, and watch the eyeball change shape as the person went from one personality to the other! This brings us to another startling revelation...

"True Forgiveness is Absolute Forgetfulness"

  Think about it... If you have re-arranged your mind to the degree that you can no longer remember the pain, the hurt, the accident, the tragedy... only then have you truly Forgiven. The forgiveness talked about in the churches and our drama-addicted culture is all

Ego-strengthening nonsense. 

"I" forgave "YOU"... see how great "I" am? Oh, and "YOU should forgive ME". Or, "I need  YOUR
forgiveness”. Seems rather trivial and infantile when contrasted against the power of Revision and Imagination in each one of us. The subject with multiple-personalities was demonstrating this power but the subject was not conscious of the action.

How do we do it consciously?

Neville tells the story of a student who accidentally spilled a pot of boiling water on her arm. She felt the pain and saw the scorched skin. Fortunately she remembered Revision. She immediately  sat quietly, closed her eyes and envisioned pouring the water without spilling it. Over and over, through the pain, she repeated her Imaginal action, until she finally drifted off to sleep. (They asked the personification of truth,”How many times shall I forgive sin? seven times?” he replied, “No...seventy times seven” (Matt 18:20).  When she awoke, it was as if nothing at all had happened. No redness, no  scarring, no pain. She began to wonder if it had happened at all, until she saw the mess that remained in the kitchen.

Try it for Yourself

I dwelt on this story for quite some time until I had the opportunity to test it one day. I was walking, barefoot, quickly past the bed one day and stubbed my toe so hard I heard it crack! I saw the distortion and felt the pain. I remembered the story and quickly laid down, closed my eyes and Imagined walking past the bed without stubbing my toe. I did this over and over until I, too, fell asleep, which was not easy with the throbbing pain. When I awoke, I found a perfectly normal toe with no pain and no physical distortion. I, also, started to wonder if it actually happened... but was so happy at the result that it no longer mattered. I have had many occasions to successfully test this application and need no convincing about its efficacy... IT WORKS! And if I can do it, so can anyone else. However, "you must be doers of the work, not hearers only"(James 1:22)

A changing past?

I have also had the fortunate experience, through my studies of Hypnotherapy and NLP, to witness the actuality of a changing past. Using techniques designed to re-frame past anomalies, or heal past traumas, it becomes real clear, real quick, that the clients past has so radically changed that THEY don't even remember it! If they can no longer remember it, did it happen?

When it comes to the past, it seems that the most accurate thing you can say about it is that it seems that something must have happened there.  And it seems that the present situation that we find ourselves in has developed out of the past. But you must acknowledge that there is no DIRECT evidence that yesterday ever existed. You cannot touch it, or see it or contact it with any direct means, scientific or otherwise.  At the same time, you must acknowledge that there is overwhelming INDIRECT evidence that there was a ‘yesterday”, and that is very appealing to the intellectual part of the mind.

It makes sense. 

We see things come and go, wax and wane, appear and disappear. The only difference between THEN and NOW, is that THEN exists only in the mind as a memory image infused with the meaning and emotion that we give it in the NOW. A head scratcher for sure! The intellectual mind says that something is “REAL” if makes “sense”,  if you can contact it with your 5 senses; see it, hear it, feel it, etc. And it is super curious how the intellectual mind so easily believes that the past is factual, when the past does not pass its own test about what is REAL!

Clearly the intellect has a limitation.

The implications of Revision are astounding to say the least. It begs questions like; will it work with emotional trauma? Will it work to change others? Can I change the World!? And I would suggest that the answer is yes... dependent upon the quality of the arrangement of the persons mind/heart. A mind with world-changing abilities would easily be able to transcend this world at will, and would also understand that this world does not need to be changed because it is perfectly designed, the way that it is, for the Prodigal Journey (Link post The Prodigal Son)  which is creating Gods worthy of the company of Gods.

"Man Should Not Stay Man, His Aim Should Higher Be. For Gods will only Gods Accept as Company" William Blake

The inspiration for this writing came one night as we were visiting my elderly parents. While we were sleeping my mother woke me up and was concerned because she was noticing here heart beat was very irregular. I sat up and had her sit quietly next to me, on the edge of the bed, while I felt her carotid artery and was VERY startled. I double-checked her wrist pulse, which was actually easier, and her pulse was all over the place... with long pauses! She was very calm about it and said she felt completely normal except for the heartbeat. We both sat calmly as we discussed it over with Che'Lisa. There was no fear at all and a lot of allowing going on. In the silence, I imagined feeling a steady pulse. Then, a thought popped in my head... magnesium. The quiet, calm, fearless state of mind allowed that insight to pop out. Mom said that she had been told that she was low on magnesium (not for her heart) some time ago and was taking liquid, anionic minerals to correct it, but had sort of forgot about it. Straight away, she went and dosed up... Heartbeat almost immediately returned to normal... problem solved, crisis averted. I can tell you what would happen in 99.9% of households had that same situation happen:

A massive escalation of DRAMA. 

Entering into the world of emergency rooms, big medical and big pharma. If they would have seen the horror of her heartbeat, immediate and massive action would be implemented that include drugs, expensive pacemakers and defibrillators, or even surgery would have lifelong, catastrophic health results and financial distress. How do I know this? I personally know 2 people, under 50 who were prescribed defibrillator implants, and drugs because for erratic heartbeats. One person's device mistakenly gave him a heart attack 3 times! On doing their own research, it turns out that they too, were just low on Magnesium.  All this intervention from well meaning, highly educated, expertly trained intellectuals, incapacitated by their own self-righteous egos entangled in a giant system of commercial sickness profiteering. Nuf said...

Mutant Message Down Under

I tell the previous story to draw a picture for context, contrast and comparison. There is another great story I read about in the book "Mutant Message Down Under" by Marlo Morgan. In it, she describes an experience, while wandering with an Aboriginal tribe in Australia, where one of the members was severely injured after a fall off of a cliff. The next morning, to her astonishment, it was as though it had never happened to him. She was told the whole tribe agreed to demonstrate to her a dimension of the human condition that they felt the rest of the word was ready to be aware of. The brave man who was injured, volunteered to be the victim in order to teach her a different way of being human. The tribe was able to mentally re-arrange the event as a demonstration of the power of the Imagination and the fluidity of the past! Many different ways of being human are demonstrated in the book, the radically different concepts of children, parents and families, and their relationships, comes to mind as significant. The book has been largely discredited by the left-brainer's of the world as a work of pure fiction.  My guess is most of them believe the bible is a factual, historical document! LOL! It is irrelevant to the reader whether it is fiction or not. What matters is whether or not the stories raise our understanding of who we really are and what is actually possible.

Cause or Effect?

So, you are either at cause, or you are at effect. Or maybe both/and/or depending on the situation. But be careful not to confuse being the 'cause' of your life with the results of a strong ego, will power or developed intellectual abilities which allow you to manipulate others to get what you want. We are talking about 'causality' on a whole notha' level. The level where one can see the arrangement of one's own mind and see it's projected expression in the outer world.

Decisions, decisions...

The egoic mind may be very strong-willed and may think it is making decisions all day long, but it does not realize that those decisions are likely just the result of a program that is running in the depths of the mind's arrangement. Those programs were most likely installed there, in the subconscious, by someone else! If your decisions are just the result of a program that belongs to someone else, is it really a choice? Or is it just the mechanical output of a mechanistic mind? Certainly, there is not much power in that.

It is quite possible that you have never made an autonomous choice your entire life! Just the outcome of a program.

And so we find ourselves in an experience… a Play.  The background of which is the projected, collective, human sub-conscious (what we are not aware of) mind... which creates the Stage called EARTH for us to play out our roles, through personas, which are a projection of our conscious (what we are aware of) minds for the Prodigal Purpose (Link post The Prodigal Son). It is all written in your Script-ures and in the final days, you will understand it fully.

Facts Always Follow... They Never Precede

Choose to understand Causality. 

Choose to transcend your programmed, mechanistic mind and perhaps see the world for the first time. 
(Though my eyes were blind, now I see... John 9). 

Choose to use your mind for the noble purposes that would equate to that level of responsibility. 

And know yourself as a GOD worthy of the company of Gods.

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